Say goodbye permanently to your wrinkles, acne and sun damage.

Fruit acid peeling with products from Neostrata leads to fast aesthetic results that will inspire you. Let our specialists give you detailed advice and learn more about the peeling of wrinkles, acne and sun damage. Dermacare offers inexpensive fruit acid peelings in Vienna.

Professional treatments from experienced specialists

Individual consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation. Specialists and doctors will advise you in the clarification discussion. You will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment, the costs and everything you should know about the procedure.

State-of-the-art technology

Our equipment is state of the art. For our customers, we only invest in the latest technology to guarantee almost painless treatments, shorter treatment times and efficient results.

Professional treatments

We try to ensure the highest quality of treatment by providing specialist training for our team. Medical treatments are performed by independent doctors who have many years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

Fruchtsäurepeeling bei Dermacare in Wien

Chemical peeling to treat wrinkles, acne and sun damage.

Essentially, a distinction is made between treatments for skin renewal/anti-aging and acne treatment. For both indications between 6 and 8 treatments are necessary in 1-2 week intervals.

Fruit acid peeling is the more aggressive treatment compared to the use of cosmetic SkinCeuticals. Therefore, it is also necessary to follow a plan for pre- and post-treatment as prescribed by the therapist.

The tolerance of the NeoStrata peeling is generally very good. There are no downtimes. After the treatment, however, redness and a burning sensation of the skin may occur. As a rule, these complaints disappear again within hours. You will receive more detailed information about the effect and possible side effects during the consultation.

Chemical peeling (chemical exfoliation)

Chemical peeling is a non-invasive method suitable for refreshing and rejuvenating aging skin, for eradicating fine wrinkles, for smoothing scars after acne or dilated pores and for removing pigmentation spots. It also has a beneficial effect on very oily skin.

Chemical peeling can be used for face, neck and neckline treatment, but also on the hands and back.

Chemical peeling is one of the few procedures that has a comprehensive effect on the appearance of the skin. By detaching the upper skin layers, it primarily has a smoothing effect. The increased blood circulation results in a rosy and fresh complexion. Bleaching ingredients can have positive effects on pigment disorders. All these effects can be achieved by superficial peelings. However, deep peelings are capable of much more. By stimulating the fibroblasts, an increased formation of fibres and basic substance is achieved and thus a real tissue regeneration.

Specialists for fruit acid peeling in Vienna

At the Vienna Dermacare Institute, fruit acid peelings are performed by medically trained staff under medical supervision.

For the Dermacare team, the fact that the patients feel comfortable in their skin is a top priority. The specialists at Dermacare provide comprehensive and competent care from the initial consultation until the patient leaves the clinic. Of course, the Dermacare team is also happy to answer any open questions after the treatment.

Do you still have questions about fruit acid peelings?

FAQ Fruit Acid Peelings contains answers to frequently asked questions about fruit acid peelings at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with a specialist, but they do provide initial orientation.

FAQ fruit acid peelings

Costs for NeoStrata – fruit acid peelings at Dermacare

Free info call

The consultation for the fruit acid peeling takes place at Dermacare Vienna with application specialists and is free of charge.