Say goodbye to your tattoos.

Since 2011, Dermacare has been considered the number 1 competence centre for tattoo removal in Austria with more than 70.000 treatments. Our highly developed lasers lead to fast aesthetic results that inspire. Let doctors and specialists advise you in detail and find out what your chances of success for tattoo removal are.

Professional tattoo removal by trained doctors.

State-of-the-art technology

We use state-of-the-art picolasers, nano- and ruby lasers specially developed for tattoo removal, which are designed for safe and effective tattoo removal. With our devices almost all colours of a tattoo can be removed.

Professional treatment

Experience and conscientious handling of the technology is crucial. All specialists have an appropriate additional training and many years of experience. We can therefore look back on satisfied customers and great results in tattoo removal.

Individual consultation

In a detailed informative conversation, specialists and doctors will advise you about your wishes. You will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment, the costs and everything you need to know about the procedure and follow-up treatments.

Tattoo removal at dermacare

The laser as the most effective method of modern tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is an extremely effective method for removing unwanted tattoos.

What do you do when you are young; your lover is immortalized “forever” by means of initials in the skin and yes, the little dolphin on the ankle was sooo cute! The reasons for tattoos range from cult to beer mood. It’s just a pity if the lover doesn’t “exist” anymore, the “beer mood” is over or the little dolphin has become a handsome whale.

Are you also tired of the sight of your outdated tattoo? Would you like to get rid of the faded colours and the motif that has come out of the years on your skin? Then a laser tattoo removal is just the right thing for you! Changed living or body conditions awaken in many people the desire to make existing tattoos disappear again.

Let this dream become reality. With the help of modern laser technology, almost all tattoos can be removed gently, completely and without scarring.

This is how tattoo removal works at Dermacare

The proven Q-Switched Nd:YAG-laser enables the best and fastest possible treatment results. In the pico-second range, the laser device triggers short pulsating laser light energy. Your skin is not additionally stressed by this, as the light only penetrates the colour pigments stored in the skin and destroys them. Your lymphatic system then removes the color pigments in a process lasting several weeks, or a crust forms on the skin, which transports the color out of the body. To remove tattoos completely, several treatments are always necessary at intervals of several weeks. The number of treatments depends on the following factors, among others:

  • Color of the tattoo
  • Size of the tattoo
  • Grooving depth
  • Stamped ink volume
  • Function of the lymphatic system
  • Your own involvement after the treatments

Let the doctors and specialists at Dermacare advise you and experience in a test treatment how your tattoo can be removed. Your advantages of a consultation:

  • In a detailed consultation you will receive all the information from the experience of thousands of treatments.
  • On request you will receive a test treatment.
  • You will learn what your chances of success for the treatment are.
  • You will receive your personal prognosis and your offer.

Which lasers do we use?

PICOPLUS – the most innovative 2nd generation picosecond laser

Picolaser Picoplus Lutronic Dermacare Wien

Picosecond lasers have been around since 2013, when the so-called PicoSure was on everyone’s lips, but the technology was not yet mature.

The new PICOPLUS-laser from Lutronic introduces the 2nd generation of picosecond technology and is the most innovative system on the market. Dermacare is the first medical centre in Austria to use this laser. The PICOPLUS is the most powerful picosecond-laser ever built. It combines the safety and efficiency of a nanosecond laser with the improved performance and results of picosecond technology.

Advantages of the PICOPLUS-laser:

  • Picosecond laser of the new generation
  • better treatment results
  • both pico- and nanosecond technology in four different wavelengths (1064, 532, 595 and 660 nm). Therefore almost all colours can be treated
  • The treatment is less painful than ever
  • 30% less treatments than with other laser systems
  • During the treatment the thermal reaction in the tattoo is lower, therefore the healing happens much faster
  • Due to the shorter pulses it is possible to treat with higher power
  • Almost all colours can be treated

Call us at 01 532 03 34, send us an e-mail to info@dermacare.at, book directly a suitable appointment for you, use our contact form to make an appointment for a consultation or treatment for a tattoo removal with laser!

You still have questions about tattoo removal?

FAQ Tattoo Removal contains answers to common questions about laser tattoo removal at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with our experts, but they do give a first orientation.

FAQ about tattoo removal

Treatment procedure of the laser tattoo removal

1. Digital photo of the skin

The treatment procedure of a tattoo removal in Vienna at Dermacare, is explained in detail below. Before each treatment a digital photo of your tattoo is taken to document your treatment progress.

2. Desinfection

After subsequent desinfection, the laser treatment begins, which feels similar to the stinging of a tattoo. If you prefer to feel as little as possible, it is advisable to apply an anesthetic cream in advance.

3. Laser treatment

The tattoo is then treated with the special Q-Switched Nd:YaG laser. To make the treatment more comfortable, the tattoo is air-cooled.


4. Anti-inflammatory cream

An antiseptic cream is applied to prevent inflammation.


5. Bandage

The spot is bandaged. After the treatment, the treated area may be slightly reddened and swollen.


6. Cooling of the tattoo

After the treatment, a cool pack is placed on the treated area for 10 minutes. Keep the dressing dry for about 24 hours and only then start to care for the tattoo with appropriate products.

After about 4-6 weeks a clear lightening of the tattoo will be visible and the following treatment can be carried out.

Costs of laser tattoo removal at Dermacare


The cost of laser tattoo removal depends on the size of the area to be treated and the type of tattoo. Faded tattoos can be removed more quickly than fresh, colourful professional tattoos.

  • For a small tattoo of 5×5 cm size (25 square centimeters) a treatment costs about 100 Euro.
  • A rough estimate for tattoos over 400 square centimetres in size (20×20 cm) is around 0.62 € per square centimetre per tattoo removal treatment.

For larger tattoos, we will be happy to prepare an individual cost estimate before the treatment begins and make special prices.

Information meeting

The initial consultation regarding tattoo laser treatment takes place at Dermacare Vienna with a doctor or experienced specialist. If treatment is given, no charge is made for the consultation. If a treatment is not carried out immediately, a fee of € 60,- will be charged, which will be credited to your account for future treatment.

Financing option

Fulfil your wish now and pay in installments. Dermacare makes beauty affordable. You can find more information here.