Manual lymph drainage at Dermacare: relaxation and glow

Manual lymph drainage involves the mechanical displacement of fluids, the so-called lymph and the substances contained in it. It is the only form of treatment that does not promote blood circulation.

Professional treatments from experts

Individual consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation. Specialists and doctors will advise you in the clarification discussion. You will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment, the costs and everything you should know about the procedure.

State-of-the-art technology

For our customers we only invest in the latest technology. In order to achieve the highest possible effect of lymphatic drainage, we use only medical equipment.

Professional treatments

Specialist training of our team guarantees the highest quality of treatment. Thus we achieve lasting results with lymph drainage.

Manual lymph drainage at Dermacare: Detox, relaxation and decongestion

Manual lymph drainage helps with migraine, swelling, lymphedema and lipedema

Manual lymph drainage is primarily a decongestive therapy for oedema. It can be used to treat oedema after lymph node removal, lymphedema and lipedema. However, it is also effective for cellulite and as a detox method. In addition, manual lymph drainage can help with migraines.

However, the specialists at Dermacare also achieve other positive results when treating the face: Acne and swelling on the face can be improved.

Manual lymph drainage in Vienna is particularly successful at

  • Migraine
  • Acne
  • Swelling of the face
  • To improve the skin appearance
  • Edema formation on the breast and arms due to lymph node removal in breast cancer and after operations
  • Heavy legs
  • Postoperative swellings of the legs
  • Lymphedema of the legs
  • Lipedema on the legs
  • For scar treatment
  • Cellulite
  • Detox

This is how manual lymph drainage works at Dermacare in Vienna

A brief discussion of the findings takes place before the initial treatment. After the patients have freed themselves – depending on the body region to be treated – the manual lymph drainage starts. For this, the neck is first “opened”. This means that the main lymph node trunk is activated. This is followed by lymph drainage, at the end of which the neck is “closed” again.

Advantages of manual facial-lymph drainage

Manual lymph drainage offers many advantages, especially in the treatment of the face. Because it has a relaxing effect on swellings and bags under the eyes and the gentle pressure optimises the removal of harmful substances. The treatment also improves acne, couperose and the overall skin condition. In addition, not only headaches and migraines are relieved, but the relaxing effect has an effect on the whole body. Last but not least, the patients are happy about a beautiful “glow” on their face after the manual facial-lymph drainage.


In the following cases, lymph drainage is not recommended or manual lymph drainage cannot be performed:

  • acute pulmonary oedema
  • acute venous disease
  • acute thrombophlebitis
  • acute neuro- or plexapathy (diseases of the peripheral nervous system)
  • acute soft tissue trauma
  • febrile diseases

Why should you seek treatment from Dermacare?

  • The treatment is carried out by experienced specialists
  • Only medical devices are used
  • Good public connection (Schwedenplatz) or parking garage for the car in the house
  • Long opening hours

Do you still have questions about manual lymph drainage?

FAQ manual lymphatic drainage contains all answers to the most important questions about manual lymph drainage at Dermacare. These questions give a first orientation, but do not replace a detailed consultation with the experts.

FAQ about manual lymph drainage

Treatment procedure of the manual lymph drainage treatment

1. Anamnesis Questionnaire

The treatment procedure of a lymphatic drainage treatment in Vienna at Dermacare is explained in detail below. An anamnesis questionnaire is completed before each initial treatment. This enables possible risks to be identified and prevented.

2. Consultation

First of all, a preliminary talk with a specialist takes place. Prepare yourself for the interview and talk openly about your wishes and expectations.

3. Treatment

After you have taken off your jewellery, make yourself comfortable on the lounger. With gentle, rhythmic and pumping movements the therapist stimulates the lymphatic drainage. Depending on the indication, the treatment can take up to one hour.

4. After the treatment

After the treatment we ask you to drink at least 1 litre of liquid in form of water or unsweetened tea on this day.
If you feel an increased urge to urinate after the treatment, this is a normal reaction to the treatment.

Costs for manual lymph drainage at Dermacare

What should you bring to the treatment?

We ask you to bring

  • Legging/Sports pants,
  • Socks
  • and a T-shirt for the treatment.

Free expert discussion

The consultation for the lymph drainage treatment takes place at Dermacare Vienna with application specialists and is free of charge.

Marion H.
Marion H.
07:49 24 Oct 21
Sehr freundliches Team, gute Beratung und immer am neuesten technologischen Stand (Lasertechnologie).Modernes Institut, zentral gelegen, mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmittel gut erreichbar, auch eine Parkgarage ist in unmittelbarer Nähe.
Cornelia K.
Cornelia K.
12:48 19 Oct 21
Eine äußerst tolle Beratung, alle Fragen werden kompetent beantwortet. Heute hatte ich meinen ersten Termin zur Haarentfernung mittels Laser und bin hochzufrieden. Vielen Dank an die wunderbare Frau Rebecca, die mich nun auf dem weiteren Weg Richtung... Haarentfernung begleiten wird. Ich empfehle Dermacare auf jeden Fall nur weiter. Auch die anderen Mitarbeiterinnen sind extrem höflich. Und man verlässt mit einem Lächeln das Haus. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Termine!read more
ClaNe 6.
ClaNe 6.
12:08 15 Oct 21
Hier fühlt man sich rundherum wohl und sehr gut aufgehoben. Es ist ein nettes und kompetentes Team.
Theresa P.
Theresa P.
16:38 01 Oct 21
Das gesamte Dermacare Team ist sehr freundlich, höflich und diskret und geht auf alle Wünsche die man hat ein. Die Behandlung bei Semi war sehr angenehm obwohl ich an dem Tag sehr schmerzempfindlich war :-)Trotz anfänglicher Skepsis ob die Laser Behandlung... wirklich helfen wird, bin ich schon nach der 3 Sitzung sehr zufrieden, keine Stoppeln, keine eingewachsenen Haare mehr. Ich kann es kaum erwarten im nächsten Sommer meine Beine nicht mehr verhüllen zu müssen.Ich würde Dermacare zu 100% weiterempfehlen!read more
Bine C.
Bine C.
16:22 30 Sep 21
Ich bin soooo zufrieden mit meinem neuen Lidstrich von Klaudia, einfach professionell gemacht! Top, ich komme wieder!!!
Katrin H.
Katrin H.
10:16 28 Sep 21
Sehr zuvorkommend und tolles Ergebnis in ein paar Tagen. Die Möglichkeit zum Nachspritzen ist ein tolles Service.
Johann S.
Johann S.
14:39 21 Sep 21
Ich kann Dermacare aus persönlicher Erfahrung stark empfehlen. Von der Vereinbarung eines Termins, über die Einhaltung des Termins bis zur Behandlung und der Erläuterungen kann ich nur Positives berichten.Ein Besuch wird zum Vergnügen!
Vanessa P
Vanessa P
16:14 05 Sep 21
Bin sehr zufrieden mit der Behandlung! Man bekommt eine sehr genaue Erklärung zu den einzelnen Behandlungsschritten und kann auch jederzeit Fragen stellen.Das Personal ist sehr freundlich!
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