Remove age spots with laser

Age spots are a typical skin change, especially on mature skin and can be gently and safely removed at Dermacare. DERMACARE offers the removal of age spots by laser, which specifically destroys the pigments in the skin without affecting the surrounding tissue. The laser light is absorbed by the pigmented areas and converted into heat which destroys the age spots. Surrounding regions are hardly heated at all.

How age spots develop

Age spots, like birthmarks or freckles, are a benign pigmentation disorder, but they usually appear only with age and do not regress. The brownish pigment disorders in the skin, which can be up to a few centimetres in size, are therefore also called lentigo senilis. Its second medical name, Lentigo solaris, already indicates a cause of its development: chronic sun exposure. Therefore, age spots appear mainly on the light-exposed areas such as the face, back of the hands, décolleté or extensor sides of the forearms. Pale skin, sunburn or frequent sunbathing even without sunburning therefore favour the development.

Specialists for the removal of age spots in Vienna

At the Vienna Dermacare Institute, the removal of age spots is performed by experienced dermatologists.

For the Dermacare team, the fact that the patients feel comfortable in their skin is a top priority. The specialists at Dermacare provide comprehensive and competent care from the initial consultation until the patient leaves the clinic. Of course, the Dermacare team is also happy to answer any open questions after the treatment.

Costs for the removal of age spots at Dermacare


The treatment price depends on the amount of treatment, the size and number of age and pigmentation spots and may vary in individual cases. In such a case, the doctor will point this out to you during the consultation.

Expert discussion

The initial consultation regarding the fat-away injection takes place at Dermacare Vienna with an experienced doctor or specialist. If treatment is carried out, no consultation costs are incurred. Should treatment not take place immediately, € 60,- will be charged as a fee which will be credited to any future treatment.


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