Skin rejuvenation and skin tightening without surgery

In youth, the skin appears fresh, firm and elastic. However, the process of skin aging and wrinkle formation begins at the age of 25. With CO2 laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, the Dermacare institute offers the most effective options for correcting unwanted changes in skin/skin irregularities such as pigmentation, scars and wrinkles. The laser activates the skin’s natural regeneration mechanisms and is considered the most modern method for gentle skin renewal and skin tightening.

Let the specialists at Dermacare give you detailed advice.

Professional treatments from experienced specialists

Individual consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation. Specialists and doctors will advise you in the clarification discussion. You will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment, the costs and everything you should know about the procedure.

State-of-the-art technology

Our equipment is state of the art. For our customers, we only invest in the latest technology to guarantee almost painless treatments, shorter treatment times and efficient results.

Professional treatments

We try to ensure the highest quality of treatment by providing specialist training for our team. Medical treatments are performed by independent doctors who have many years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

The CO2 laser - an effective and gentle method for skin rejuvenation and skin correction

The punctual thermal force of the laser beam, which penetrates into the lower layers of the skin, activates the natural regenerative capacity, promotes the formation of new collagen fibres and stimulates skin renewal.

Fractional laser therapy is suitable for rejuvenating the skin of the face, neck, neckline and back of the hand. The reduction of small wrinkles and the refinement of large-pored areas results in an overall fresher appearance.

The skin becomes smoother and firmer, wrinkles around the eyes, nose and mouth can be treated with the laser as well as spots, scars and stretch marks. Sun damage and pigment spots often disappear or are significantly reduced after just one treatment. Especially acne scars can be treated successfully with the CO2 laser. Deeper wrinkles or scars usually require several treatments, but these become less visible after just one treatment.

Depending on the skin condition, three to five treatments at intervals of four to six weeks are recommended for optimal results. Since the process of collagen regeneration can take several months, the treatment success is only fully visible after 6 months.

Skin rejuvenation in Vienna with the CO2 laser

The CO2 laser enables a gentle skin rejuvenation and skin correction. Undesirable skin changes such as scars, sun damage and wrinkles can be corrected with laser therapy in an ambulant and gentle way. Small wrinkles on the face and neck are reduced or disappear completely after the laser treatment. The thermal power of the laser stimulates new skin formation and collagen production. After the laser treatment, the skin appears smooth and fresh, the collagen provides new firmness.

The treatment with CO2 laser is recommended for:

  • Facial treatment for skin rejuvenation
  • Skin rejuvenation at the neck / neckline
  • Skin rejuvenation on the hands
  • Wrinkle treatment perioral / around the mouth, so-called smoker’s wrinkles, laughter lines
  • Wrinkle treatment periorbital / on the eyes: eyelid lift, lower eyelid lift, upper eyelid lift, crow’s feet
  • Acne scars and scar treatment
  • Stretch marks/pregnancy marks
  • Treatment of uneven pigmentation, sun spots, age spots
  • Removal of xanthelasma

Do you still have questions about skin rejuvenation or skin tightening with the CO2 laser?

FAQ "CO2 laser" gives answers to the most common questions about skin tightening and skin rejuvenation with the CO2 laser at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with your doctor, but they do provide a first orientation.

FAQ about CO2 laser treatment

Skin tightening and skin rejuvenation with laser: treatment procedure

Anamnesis Questionnaire

The treatment procedure for skin tightening and skin rejuvenation with laser in Vienna at Dermacare is explained in detail below. An anamnesis questionnaire is completed before each initial treatment. This allows possible risks to be identified and prevented.


This is followed by a detailed preliminary talk with a specialist in dermatology. Prepare yourself for the interview and talk openly about your wishes and expectations.

Digital photo / desinfection / anesthesia

Before each treatment a digital photo of your skin is taken to document your treatment progress in detail. The skin is desinfected and if necessary anesthetized with an anesthetic cream.

Laser treatment

The skin area is then treated with the special CO2 laser. To make the treatment more pleasant, the skin is cooled with cold air.

Cooling of the lasered area

After the treatment, a cool pack is placed on the treated area for 10 minutes.

Anti-inflammatory cream

To prevent inflammation, an antiseptic cream is applied.


The immediate reaction of the skin to the treatment is often slight redness and swelling, which disappears by itself. A thin crust then forms in the lasered region. For the post-treatment of the crust, ointments and creams are available to support the healing process of the skin.

Your treating doctors will provide you with comprehensive information on the follow-up treatment and care of the affected area and will be available to answer your questions at any time.

After the treatment, UV radiation should be avoided for several weeks, as it can promote unwanted pigmentation.

After about 4-6 weeks a follow-up treatment can be carried out if necessary.

Costs for skin tightening & skin rejuvenation


The price of treatment depends on the amount of treatment and the size of the area to be treated and may vary in individual cases. During the consultation, the doctor will determine the treatment costs according to the circumstances.

Expert discussion

The initial consultation for skin tightening takes place at Dermacare Vienna with an experienced specialist. If treatment takes place, no consultation fees are charged. If a treatment is not carried out immediately, € 60,- will be charged as a fee, which will be credited to a future treatment.