Treatment of bacterial skin diseases at Dermacare Vienna

There are a number of skin diseases that are caused by bacterial infections. These often lead to purulent inflammations just below the surface of the skin, which vary in size depending on their severity and can occur anywhere on the body. Among the most common skin infections that should be treated by a specialist are impetigo (psoriasis), folliculitis (inflammation of the hair root), as well as all forms of abscesses (from not serious to severe) and boils (abscess as a result of folliculitis).

The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare develop a therapy concept tailored to our patients needs for the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial skin diseases.

Es gibt eine Reihe von Hauterkrankungen, die von bakteriellen Infektionen ausgelöst werden. Dabei kommt es häufig, dicht unter der Hautoberfläche, zu eitrigen Entzündungen, die je nach Ausprägung verschieden groß sind und überall am Körper auftreten können. Zu den häufigsten Infektionen der Haut, die vom Facharzt behandelt werden sollten, gehören unter anderem Impetigo (Grindflechte), Follikulitis (Entzündung der Haarwurzel), sowie alle Ausprägungen von Abszessen (von nicht schwerwiegend bis schwer) und Furunkel (Abszess als Folge einer Follikulitis).

Die erfahrenen Dermatologen bei Dermacare erarbeiten bei der Diagnose und Behandlung von bakteriellen Hauterkrankungen ein auf unsere Patienten zugeschnittenes Therapiekonzept.

Professional treatment by experienced dermatologists

Patient oriented treatment concept

The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare develop at diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases a therapy concept tailored to our patients, which is based on the current guidelines.

Detailed consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation and therefore take the time for a detailed initial interview, during which you will receive all information regarding diagnosis, treatment, treatment options and the course of treatment and during which all your questions will be answered.

Latest technology

In order to optimise diagnosis and treatment, our medical specialists undergo continuous further training and are familiar with the latest treatment methods. As Dermacare is equipped with the latest devices on the market, we offer patients treatment based on the latest scientific and technical knowledge.

Diagnosis and treatment

During the initial consultation at Dermacare, which takes about 30-45 minutes, the attending physician makes the diagnosis and decides on the next step of therapy. Depending on its severity, the infectious site is treated locally with antibiotic ointments, in some cases a small procedure in which the dermatologist opens the abscess solves the problem. In the case of more severe courses and recurring inflammations, a drug therapy with antibiotics is used. In order to identify the strain of bacteria and to treat it specifically, it is possible to take a smear.

It is also important for minor operations to be performed gently, painlessly and as precisely as possible. Before the procedure, you will be informed in detail about the procedure and possible risks involved. After a successful intervention, the next control appointment is usually scheduled 3-14 days later for wound control, changing of dressings and follow-up.

Everything at a glance

  • Service: Diagnosis & efficient local therapy for mild forms; drug therapies for more severe forms
  • Consultation and treatment costs:

    • Initial consultation with a specialist: 120-150 Euro
    • Follow-up/reporting: free of charge,
    • Follow-up consultations: 90-120 euros.
  • Reimbursement of costs by health insurance: Yes
  • Consultation time: 30-45min (first consultation), afterwards at the discretion of the doctor
  • Treatment interval:  Depending on diagnosis, findings, therapy success & course

Why should you seek treatment at Dermacare?

  • The treatment is carried out by experienced medical specialists
  • Only medical devices are used
  • Good public connection (Schwedenplatz) or parking garage for the car in the house
  • Long opening hours


Treatment procedure dermatological treatment

1. Anamnesis Questionnaire

Even before the consultation with our specialist, we ask you to complete an anamnesis questionnaire, which forms the basis for the subsequent discussion.

2. Consultation / examination / diagnosis

At Dermacare the consultation, examination, diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases is carried out by experienced specialists in dermatology.

3. First control appointment

The success of the therapy is assessed at the follow-up appointment (follow-up control/ discussion of findings) and a decision is made on the further procedure.


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