• The IPL skin tightening is painless and very well tolerated. During the treatment you only feel a pleasant warmth on the treated skin surface.

  • The treatments with IPL skin tightening are extremely gentle and invisible. During and still about 30 minutes after the treatment, slight reddening may occur. The IPL skin lift does not cause scars or injuries.

  • In general, about 4-8 treatments are necessary with IPL skin tightening to achieve an optimal result. After the first treatment cycle, it is recommended to carry out individual treatments at intervals of 3-6 months in order to maintain the achieved result in the long term. The non-ablative treatment does not cause any downtime (lunchtime treatment) and you can resume your usual activities immediately after the treatment.

  • In general, all areas of the body can be effectively treated with IPL skin tightening, especially wrinkles on the face such as expression lines, crow’s feet as well as bags under the eyes and sagging cheeks.

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