Permanent hair removal in the bikini zone is performed by DERMACARE painlessly, quickly and inexpensively

Enjoy the experience of a beautiful bikini line and the smooth skin feeling in the intimate area. Thanks to permanent hair removal in the genital area, your bikini line will always be beautifully hair-free and the annoying redness after shaving will be a thing of the past.

Professional hair removal by experts with SHR technology

Painless SHR technology

In order to always achieve the best possible result, we have specialised in permanent hair removal using the latest SHR technology. Permanent hair removal is performed under medical supervision and is currently the most modern and effective procedure for permanent hair removal.

Professional treatment

Experience and conscientious handling of the technology is crucial. All our medically trained employees have the appropriate additional training. We can therefore look back on satisfied customers and great results in permanent laser depilation.

Individual consultation

Our specialists will be happy to advise you in an informative conversation and will be happy to meet your wishes. In a detailed conversation you will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment and everything you need to know about the procedure and the follow-up treatment.

DERMACARE uses the SHR-method for permanent hair removal in the bikini zone

DERMACARE uses the SHR method for permanent hair removal in the bikini zone, which enables painless and effective hair removal from this sensitive zone.

Thanks to permanent hair removal with laser, waxing, resin application or shaving of the bikini line is a thing of the past!

Learn more about permanent hair removal with SHR technology

You still have questions about laser hair removal?

Here you will find answers to the most common questions about laser hair removal at Dermacare. They are not intended to replace a consultation with our experts, but they give you a first orientation.

FAQ about hair removal

Costs of permanent hair removal with the SHR laser at Dermacare


The cost of laser hair removal refers to an intensive treatment and always depends on the area treated. The number of treatments required varies from person to person and is between 6-10 treatments depending on hair density. We will be happy to explain how many treatment units you need in a personal consultation after a skin and hair analysis.

Free info call

The consultation is free of charge. We prepare a skin and hair analysis, advise you in detail and check your health suitability. You will also receive an individual cost estimate and a treatment plan.

Financing option

Fulfil your wish now and pay in installments. Dermacare makes beauty affordable. You can find more information here.


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