• With SHR technology, 4-8 treatments are usually sufficient. Repeating the treatment is necessary because only 12-15% of the hairs in the body grow. Only the hairs that are in the growth phase (anagen phase) are optimally treatable, as only these hairs have a connection to the hair papilla, the area that is destroyed by denaturation during the treatment, in order to prevent the hair from growing back. The remaining hair follicles are located under the skin in a resting state and can therefore only be removed permanently in later treatments. An exact number of treatments necessary for permanent hair removal cannot be predicted in advance, as everyone has different treatment requirements.

  • The ideal interval between treatments is about 4-8 weeks, as this corresponds to the cycle of hair growth.

  • rder to maximize the success of the treatment you should consider the following points:

    You should avoid intensive sunbathing for at least 2-3 weeks before the treatment and you should not go to a solarium. This also applies accordingly to the time after the treatment.

    At least three weeks before the treatment you should not epilate, grow or pluck the hair on the body part to be treated. You should also not use depilatory creams. (You can, however, shave or cut the hair).

    One day prior to the treatment it is recommended to shave the treatment area. The treatment cannot be performed without shaving, as all hairs must be removed before using the device.

    In case of a facial treatment, make-up must be removed and the skin must be thoroughly cleaned before the treatment.

  • The duration of the treatment depends on the size of the area. The duration of treatment varies from 15 minutes for smaller areas of skin to 2 hours for both legs.

  • Due to the gradual warming of the treatment area, the treatment is almost painless and very pleasant. Many clients compare the SHR treatment to a hot stone massage. The SHR technology is unique because this painless treatment takes place in motion. The technology and the In-Motion-Method guarantee pleasant smooth skin due to the area-wide coverage – without pain or skin damage.

  • With permanent hair removal using SHR technology, hair follicles are destroyed, but the hair remains in the follicles and often lies on the epidermis. They fall out after 1-3 weeks when the epidermis renews itself. During this period it seems that the hairs grow. You can easily demonstrate that the hair is already loosened by pulling it out with tweezers.

  • Dermacare uses SHR systems from Alma Lasers, the pioneer and industry leader in the development of medical aesthetic technologies. The treatment success of Alma Lasers has been tested and confirmed by renowned doctors and specialists in over 40 countries around the world. The SHR devices we use are medically tested and clinically proven to ensure safe, long-lasting and effective hair removal treatments. The patented technology offers all the benefits of laser hair removal without discomfort or skin damage.

  • With SHR all areas of the body can be treated optimally. Only hair in the ear is not treated with SHR. Our price list for permanent hair removal not only indicates the costs, but also shows you all body areas that are suitable for permanent hair removal with laser.

  • The costs depend on the body region and size of the area to be treated. We offer high discounts when you purchase a package or treat several regions. In our price list for permanent hair removal you will find the costs for all treatable body parts.

  • In contrast to conventional IPL and laser devices, the treatment is practically painless.

  • Most people have no side effects. A normal reaction is that the skin turns red immediately after the treatment. These skin reactions usually disappear within a few hours or a few days.

  • With our SHR system all parts of the body can be treated. The procedure is equally suitable for treatments of the legs, the intimate zone, the back and face. In order to protect the sensitive eye area, protective goggles must be worn during the treatment.

  • Classical hair removal systems, whether laser, IPL, LEO-Tech and others, are highly developed, mostly well calibrated, work with single pulses and have a rather high efficiency. In permanent hair removal, they are aimed at the target melanin, the pigment of the hair that absorbs the energy, briefly heating the papilla to 70°C and thus destroying it. However, the side effects are a disadvantage here. The skin also contains melanin and thus absorbs energy. If the treatment parameters are not adjusted carefully enough to the patient’s skin and hair colour, burns and unsightly scarring can occur. In most cases a lot of treatment experience is necessary to define the correct parameters for each individual treatment.
    The SHR technology for hair removal with laser only targets the melanin secondarily. Its primary target is the stem cells that produce new hair. SHR works with a low fluence but high optical energy and multiple pulses with a fast repetition rate of 10 Hz, i.e. 10 pulses per second. This new technology allows treatment in motion, i.e. you glide with the handpiece over the treatment area, it is heated, the sapphire contact cooling protects the epidermis. Light pressure when the handpiece is put on brings the necessary compression to keep any tissue fluids and blood that should not be heated away from the treatment area.

    This and the new “In Motion” gliding technique represents a breakthrough in permanent hair removal with light, as the “pulse by pulse shot method”, which is generally known as with the previously known pulse light IPL and laser devices, with its associated undesirable side effects (chessboard, time) becomes unnecessary.

    The precise positioning of the handpiece as with single pulse treatment is no longer necessary.

    The treatment is much more pleasant than with conventional laser systems, as only about 25% of the energy is needed to remove the hair permanently. The lower the energy, the less the skin is stressed and the less pain is felt. A burn or scarring is no longer possible with SHR. With conventional laser systems, which sometimes use more than four times the energy, this risk is quite considerable.

    The target dye is the protein of the stem cells. Therefore, even dark skin types and fine hairs with low pigmentation can be treated successfully!
    In addition, treatment is also or especially useful during the telogen phase, since during this time the stem cells realign themselves for growth.

    Already from nutrition we know that proteins lose their living and life-giving properties if they are heated above 43°C. The SHR technology enables the treatment area to be heated evenly to 45°C, whereby the surrounding tissue serves as an energy reservoir, i.e. the temperature of the hair papillae and their stem cells is also maintained by the surrounding tissue. After performing 6-8 passes, vertically and horizontally across the treatment area, perifolicular edema is usually formed, which indicates the success of the treatment. The stem cells were switched off.

    The choice of the target dye now allows the conclusion that the hair growth phases have lost their importance for the cycle of subsequent treatments. After all, stem cells also exist in the telogen phase.

  • SHR is suitable for anyone who wants to remove unwanted hair.
    Our SHR device

    • removes hair efficiently and painlessly,
    • regardless of age, skin type and skin colour,
    • including people with tanned skin and different hair types. The treatment is faster and more comfortable than ever before.

    Developed after many years of medical research, SHR technology represents an unprecedented innovation and breakthrough in aesthetic treatment to offer permanent hair removal – without pain. All advantages, knowledge and experience of the last 20 years are combined in one device. Suitable for all (!) skin types and without side effects, top results can be achieved with the so-called this technology. Due to this incredible progress SHR dramatically changes the way of hair removal, which was usually done with laser or IPL during the last 15 years.

  • Since darker skin or a skin tan is no longer a problem, you are now completely free to decide when to start permanent hair removal. Even blonde or gray hair can be treated in almost all cases. The same applies to skin types. While only relatively light skin types could be treated with permanent hair removal with IPL (Intensive Pulsed Light) or laser, permanent hair removal with SHR is now possible for all skin types and almost all hair types without any problems. After prior consultation and detailed examination, we can select the best treatment method for you and create your individual treatment concept. In general, the ideal conditions for the treatment are dark hair and light skin. Today all skin types can be treated with SHR technology. For slightly lighter hair and very dark skin, we recommend a trial treatment to test the effectiveness and efficiency of the procedures as well as the reactions of skin and hair.

  • Long-term studies over several years have proven that the effect of professionally performed hair removal is of long-term duration: once hair follicles have become desolate, they will no longer produce hair.

  • We suggest that you wait until 2-3 months after birth before starting treatment. In this time the hair growth has adjusted. This means that a large number of hairs are then visible, which makes the treatment more successful. We do not carry out treatments during pregnancy. There is no known evidence that the foetus is disturbed by the bright light, but for reasons of caution we refrain from treatments during this period.

  • The term permanent hair removal is defined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA) as a significant reduction of hair for a period longer than the hair cycle in the region. The oldest method by which permanent hair removal can be achieved is needle epilation. For some years now, however, laser and IPL epilation have been used for permanent hair removal with increasing success. The SHR method with 3 wavelengths is the state of the art in laser technology for permanent hair removal.

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