The stains are caused by a disturbance of the even pigment production. The melanocytes responsible for the formation of the skin pigment melanin produce too many melanins, these cause the dark spots. Dark pigmentation of the skin can also remain as a result of injuries to the skin, such as an insect bite or diseases such as acne or shingles.

The thermal force of the laser removes the upper layer of skin, thereby dissolving the over-pigmentation, while at the same time stimulating the new formation of the skin. As the skin is punctually hit by the laser, parts of the tissue remain intact, which has a positive effect on the duration of the healing process, which takes 3-5 days on average. The laser stimulates the production of collagen in the lower layers of the skin, which is responsible for the so-called lifting effect, which takes several months, so that the full positive effect of the laser treatment can be assessed about 6 months after the treatment.

The success of the treatment and the duration of healing depend on individual conditions. The specialists at Dermacare will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice on the treatment options for pigmentation marks with the CO2 laser at the Dermacare Institute.

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