Eyelid lifting is one of the most frequently performed cosmetic operations and is considered to be low-risk, but like any surgical procedure it carries the risk of possible complications. This makes it all the more important to have the treatment carried out by an experienced specialist who is aware of the risks and side effects and who can react if they occur.

Your attending physician will inform you in detail during the obligatory preliminary consultation.

It is normal for bruising and swelling to occur as a result of an upper eyelid lift. How quickly these disappear depends on the individual wound healing and varies greatly. A temporary loss of sensation at the edge of the eyelid and a feeling of dryness in the eyes are also among the harmless after-effects of the operation. Post-operative complications such as bleeding, infections, wound healing problems or disturbing scarring are very rare; in these cases the attending physician decides on the further procedure.

Nerve failures very rarely occur in the adjacent facial area. Please contact us immediately in case of complaints or uncertainties.

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