During treatment with the Q-Switched PICO laser, the laser light hits the colour pigments in the skin with an extremely short pulse duration and simultaneously high energy. The pigments are absorbed by the laser light more strongly than the surrounding skin. The colour particles are dissolved or broken up by the laser, the body excretes their remains via the lymph system or rejects them by forming a crust.

The special feature of the Q-Switched Laser with 4 different wavelengths (532nm, 595nm, 660nm and 1064nm) is that the dreaded color change is prevented. This is because it can happen that during the removal of color pigments with a laser with one wavelength, a red tattooed area changes to green, which must be removed with another wavelength. During treatment with the Q-Switched Laser, four wavelengths are used to counteract a color change. The Q-Switched Laser removes all colors of the spectrum except for light yellow and white without residue.

For complete removal of permanent make-up, we usually recommend four to six treatments at intervals of five to eight weeks. How many applications are necessary to achieve the desired treatment success depends on the nature of the permanent make-up to be removed (colour, depth, age) and will be assessed in a personal consultation. The duration of the treatment cycle can therefore only be determined once the doctor has determined the number of treatments.

Since the pigments of the PMU are brightened more and more in every treatment with the laser, first results are already visible after the first treatment.

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