Birthmark control and skin cancer screening

The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare carry out a detailed, extensive and precise examination of all skin changes on the entire body as part of birthmark control and skin cancer prevention. The skin is examined macroscopically and microscopically using digital magnifying glasses (digital dermatoscopy).

Digital dermoscopy, in which a magnifying glass with digital storage is used to take pictures of moles and other skin changes, not only facilitates immediate decisions on further diagnostic and therapeutic steps, but also enables simple, regular monitoring in the course of skin cancer prevention.

Professional treatment by experienced dermatologists

Patient oriented treatment concept

The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare develop at diagnosis and treatment for skin diseases a therapy concept tailored to our patients, which is based on the current guidelines.

Detailed consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation and therefore take the time for a detailed initial interview, during which you will receive all information regarding diagnosis, treatment, treatment options and the course of treatment and during which all your questions will be answered.

Latest technology

In order to optimise diagnosis and treatment, our medical specialists undergo continuous further training and are familiar with the latest treatment methods. As Dermacare is equipped with the latest devices on the market, we offer patients treatment based on the latest scientific and technical knowledge.

What are birthmarks?

Birthmarks, also known as moles, are an accumulation of pigment-forming nevus cells (benign malformation of the skin or mucous membrane in which normal cells or tissue proliferate, diminish or become somewhat uneven), which form different, usually brown spots or elevations on the skin in shape, colour and size.

Moles can appear on any part of the body at birth and are usually medically harmless. The development of birthmarks is influenced not only by genetic disposition and skin type (the lighter the skin, the more frequently birthmarks usually appear), but also by the extent and intensity of sun exposure of the skin. Moles multiply and change in the course of a lifetime. If moles are perceived as aesthetically disturbing, they can be removed in a minor procedure.

Why is regular monitoring important?

As birthmarks can lead to skin changes that cause melanoma and other types of skin cancer, they should be checked regularly, especially if they change.

The dermatologists at Dermacare recommend a regular, annual birthmark check, which at Dermacare is performed both macroscopically, i.e. with the naked eye, and microscopically using digital dermoscopy. All changes to the skin, including the scalp, and mucous membranes are recorded. With the technique of digital dermoscopy, all conspicuous skin changes are magnified and the images are stored. In this way, possible changes can be precisely reconstructed at the next check-up appointment, which should take place 6 – 12 months later depending on the findings.

The examination takes 15-30 minutes on average, the costs are usually covered by the health insurance.

Of course Dermacare also offers the removal of harmless moles which are considered aesthetically disturbing. If the specialist considers surgical removal to be necessary for medical reasons, i.e. in the case of a conspicuous skin change suspected of being cancerous, this is carried out promptly and the cell material removed is examined histologically.

Everything at a glance:

  • Service: Patient-oriented therapy concept, diagnosis and therapy according to current guidelines. Full body examination, macro- and microscopic examination by means of digital dermatoscopy, follow-up in the context of skin cancer prevention, surgical removal of moles for aesthetic and medical reasons.
  • Consultation time: Initial examination 15-30 minutes
  • Duration of treatment: Depending on the procedure 30-60 minutes
  • Service/costs: 
    • Specialist medical consultation,
    • Full physical examination,
    • birthmark check incl. digital dermatoscopy between 120-150 Euro
    • Removal of birthmarks, wound control, discussion of findings depending on the procedure, number of pieces and surgical effort from 120 Euro.
  • Reimbursement of costs by health insurance: Yes
  • Treatment interval: Depending on the findings, a control appointment is arranged 6-12 months later.

Why should you seek treatment at Dermacare?

  • The treatment is carried out by experienced medical specialists
  • Only medical devices are used
  • Good public connection (Schwedenplatz) or parking garage for the car in the house
  • Long opening hours


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