SculpTight: Finally build muscle and lose fat at the same time

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Behind the SculpTight Quattro is the highly advanced and effective HIFEM technology. Impulse creates an electromagnetic field, subsequently providing supramaximal muscle contraction. Thus, not only conventional muscles are trained, but all muscle fibers in the body zone of your choice. Best of all, you tone your muscles and lose weight simultaneously!

Professional treatments from experienced specialists

Individual consultation

We attach great importance to a detailed consultation. Specialists and doctors will advise you in the clarification discussion. You will receive an individual assessment of the expected success of the treatment, the costs and everything you should know about the procedure.

State-of-the-art technology

Our equipment is state of the art. For our customers, we only invest in the latest technology to guarantee almost painless treatments, shorter treatment times and efficient results.

Professional treatments

We try to ensure the highest quality of treatment by providing specialist training for our team. Medical treatments are performed by independent doctors who have many years of experience in aesthetic medicine.

SculpTight - quickly and effectively to your dream body!

Within half an hour, the SculpTight-procedure pulls your muscles together and apart 20,000 times. In the process, fat cells burst and are subsequently broken down. Thus, the SculpTight-procedure serves to tighten, build muscle and also reduce fat.

The procedure is based on the so-called HIFEM technology, whereby Highly Intensive Focused ElectroMagnetic Impulses work on the muscles. The procedure has been known for several years as EMSculpt by BTL, EMSculpting or Bodysculpting, whereby only 1-2 handpieces are used.

What is the SculpTight Quattro?

SculpTight Quattro by Dermacare uses four impulse-generating handpieces that are placed and fixed on the body area to be treated. Each handpiece generates an electromagnetic field whose impulses stimulate the muscles to contract. The muscles begin to work and as a result the fat cells are subjected to stress. Adrenalin is released and the fat cells burst. These burst fat cells are broken down over time and your body gets the desired shape.

Muscles are tensed much more during this procedure than during a conventional workout.

How long does the SculpTight-effect last?

Due to the muscle contractions, the fat cells empty and are subsequently broken down. This creates a long-term effect, as there are simply fewer fat cells after the treatment.

Also, the muscle gain or fat reduction remains for a very long time. Studies show that even after a year the muscle gain is noticeable. The SculpTight-procedure is best when combined with strength training. However, even if you do not do any additional physical activity, the new muscles will regress very slowly. After the last treatment, the easiest way to maintain the muscle growth is to do light strength training and then have a refresher treatment with us after about 6 months.

At what point is the SculpTight-effect noticeable?

In many scientific studies, for example, the following effect was achieved after 4 treatments of the abdomen:

  • ∅ 3.6cm circumference reduction 
  • ∅ 19% fat reduction
  • ∅ 16% muscle growth

Already after four treatments within three to four weeks, you can clearly see the fat loss and muscle growth through the SculpTight-treatment. After each treatment the muscles start to grow. You will clearly notice how you get more muscles and lose fat pads at the same time.

How can your figure change through SculpTight?

Due to the fact that the muscles are intensively used during the treatment and at the same time fat is reduced, your body changes after only a short time. For example, the fat reduction makes your buttocks flatter and the muscle building makes them firmer and crisper. You can also achieve a so-called six-pack on the abdomen very quickly with the SculpTight-method.

What is the course of treatment?

For the treatment with the SculpTight Quattro, you lie down relaxed. Our qualified personnel will then place the impulse attachment on the desired zone (abdomen, legs, arms or buttocks). Depending on the zone, a different sized attachment is used. The magnetic wave impulses begin. Without pain, you will feel the resulting muscle contraction. During the treatment, you can agree with the attending physician how intensive the program should be. After the treatment, you will feel like after an extensive sport unit. However, you are immediately ready for action again and do not have to take any breaks, because the treatment is completely without anesthesia, surgery or other medical interventions.

For whom is the SculpTight made?

The SculpTight was developed for all those people who want to efficiently and safely get their body in shape. The unique method reduces fat on the one hand and builds muscle on the other. This duality makes the SculpTight so special. Regular sport units focus on either muscle building or fat reduction. With the SculpTight you kill two birds with one stone. The treatment is equally suitable for both men and women.

However, the SculpTight-treatment is not suitable for severely overweight people. The procedure is suitable for already athletic types who bring some “problem zones” and want to give their bodies the final “touch”.

The SculpTight is also not suitable for pregnant women and people with metal implants.

What should be considered after the SculpTight treatment?

  • There is no downtime. You can resume your normal activities after the treatment.
  • Muscle soreness may occur after the treatment. Therefore, avoid specific training sessions on the areas treated with SculpTight. This can lead to overuse of the muscle groups.
  • To achieve and maintain optimal results, maintain a healthy fitness program, diet and lifestyle.
  • The treatment can be repeated after 2 to 3 days, i.e. 2x/week

Costs of SculpTight for muscle building and fat loss

A successful treatment outcome may be affected by smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, eating disorders or ongoing use of medication.

Results may vary from person to person and therefore an exact outcome cannot be predicted. To maximise the effectiveness of the treatment, we recommend a low-fat diet, drinking plenty of water or herbal teas (at least 2.5 litres) and plenty of exercise.

In a combination treatment with the CurveShaper PLUS, fat burning can be specifically stimulated.

Free info consultation

The consultation for the SculpTight-treatment takes place at Dermacare Vienna with application specialists and is free of charge.

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Linda B.
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Tanja E.
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Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Behandlungen bei Dermacare, sehr effektiv und preislich top. Bei jedem Besuch ist das gesamte Team immer freundlich und kompetent. Sehr weiterzuempfehlen!
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Christin Leyla S
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Hi, zurecht volle fünf Sterne verdient!• das ganze Team arbeitet perfekt zusammen und man muss nie lange warten. Natürlich sind einige Behandlungen speziell& sehr gefragt aber auch dabei hatte ich nie Probleme. Sehr gute Terminologie!•zu jeder Zeit sind... alle sehr freundlich & kompetent, ich als Kundin war und bin von Erstgespräch bis zur, erst vor kurzem, in Anspruch genommene Behandlung sehr zufrieden - ich persönlich habe starke Aknenarben und ich bin glücklich von Klaudia behandelt zu werden, sie ist einfach wunderbar und unser derzeitiges Ergebniss ist einfach mega!👌🏼Vielen Dank 🌹read more
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Jessica S.
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malka P.
10:00 02 Feb 23
Ich war bei Klaudia und sehr sehr zufrieden!Vom Team bis zur Behandlung alles Top!!
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Martin K.
23:43 16 Jan 23
Sehr freundlich und professionell. Unkomplizierte Terminvergabe ohne langer Wartezeit. Schöne und gepflegte Praxis in zentraler Nähe.
Anna K.
Anna K.
09:32 21 Dec 22
Have been a customer for a year now - always good experience. The girls at reception are always very friendly and the procedures are done with highest care and expertise. I am getting facial procedures from Klaudia, as well as eyebrows - I am very happy with... the results.read more
Marina K.
Marina K.
14:06 18 Nov 22
Ich möchte hier festhalten, das ich von der Professionalität und durchgeführtem Behandlung von der Frau dr. SEISER SEHR zufrieden bin. Empfehle die Frau dr. SEISER jedem. Danke
Elias S.
Elias S.
15:04 01 Oct 22
Super Team! Alles sehr professionell, man fühlt sich gut aufgehoben.
Petra S.
Petra S.
16:39 15 Sep 22
Ich hatte Microblading und Permanent Makeup Pudertechnik. Hat mir aber nicht mehr gefallen. Nach 5x Terminen war alles weg . Bin mit Hr. Matheus sehr zufrieden. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen 👍
Ilire R.
Ilire R.
12:28 31 Aug 22
Sehr zufrieden , wie immer
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patricia P.
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Isabella H
12:09 18 Aug 22
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Yvonne Z.
Yvonne Z.
09:48 17 Aug 22
Sehr professionelles und kompetentes Institut. Top Beratung im Vorfeld und auch genauer Beschrieb während der Behandlung.Man bekommt schnell einen Termin und vor Ort kaum/nie Wartezeiten. Ich fühle mich hier gut beraten und behandelt.
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