Dermatological services at Dermacare

Dermatological services at Dermacare

Our dermatological services complete the Dermacare range of services for beautiful and healthy skin.

  • Birthmark control and skin cancer screening

    The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare carry out a detailed, extensive and precise examination of all skin changes on the entire body as part of birthmark control and skin cancer prevention. The skin is examined macroscopically and microscopically using digital magnifying glasses (digital dermatoscopy).

    Digital dermoscopy, in which a magnifying glass with digital storage is used to take pictures of moles and other skin changes, not only facilitates immediate decisions on further diagnostic and therapeutic steps, but also enables simple, regular monitoring in the course of skin cancer prevention.

    Birthmark control and skin cancer screening

    Birthmark check, skin cancer screening, dermatoscopy, full body examination in Vienna

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  • Neurodermatitis is a chronic skin disease that can occur in childhood and is often a great burden for those affected.

    For the treatment of neurodermatitis (atopic dermatitis), a variety of treatment options are available, depending on the course of the disease and its severity. During the initial examination (actual condition) and detailed anamnesis (information on the course of the disease), the experienced dermatologist receives sufficient information to start treatment on the basis of an evidence-based diagnosis with the best possible therapy concept tailored to the patient.

    Treatment of Neurodermatitis | Atopic Dermatitis

    Treatment of neurodermatitis | Atopic dermatitis

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  • Foot fungus from the swimming pool is probably the most common association associated with fungal diseases. Even if a fungal infection is often recognized by the affected persons themselves and can be treated well, it is recommended to consult a specialist for treatment. Fungal diseases of the skin or even the nails can occur all over the body and are often difficult to get rid of.

    The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare develop a therapy concept tailored to our patients needs for the diagnosis and treatment of fungal diseases such as skin fungus, foot fungus, nail fungus and scalp fungus. In the course of an initial examination and detailed anamnesis, the severity of the disease is determined on the basis of the course of the disease and the actual condition, in order to start treatment with the best possible therapy concept based on a diagnosis.

    Treatment of fungal diseases

    Treatment of skin fungus, foot fungus, nail fungus, scalp fungus

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  • Hair loss or an ingrown toenail often does not appear to be a medical problem to many people at first glance, and going to the dermatologist seems excessive. Diseases of the skin appendages, i.e. hair and nails, are of course the responsibility of dermatology and both hair loss and ingrown nails can have medical causes and can be treated.

    For the diagnosis of possible diseases of hair or nails, the experienced dermatologists at Dermacare have the most modern methods at their disposal. In addition to the information provided by the patient, the attending physician performs a hair analysis or nail examination with the dermatoscope (digital magnifying glass) in order to then develop a patient-oriented treatment concept and offer the best possible treatment option.

    Treatment of diseases of the hair & nails

    Treatment for hair loss, thinning hair, nail problems, deformation and discoloration of nails, ingrown nails

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  • Scaly skin is a symptom of a number of skin diseases, such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, fungal infections of the skin, or even seborrhoeic eczema, a chronic inflammatory skin rash that occurs mainly in skin regions rich in sebaceous glands – especially on the head – and is characteristic of scaling.

    The experienced dermatologist can often detect skin diseases with the naked eye due to their typical characteristics. In addition to talking to the patient about the course of the disease, an examination with a dermatoscope (digital magnifying glass) is carried out for a precise diagnosis. Based on the diagnosis and current guidelines, the specialists at Dermacare develop an individual treatment concept and inform you about possible treatment options.

    Treatment of scaly skin and seborrheic excema

    Scaly skin, seborrheic eczema (seborrheic dermatitis)

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  • There are a number of skin alterations, such as small tumours such as fibromas (stylised warts), papillomas or warts, which are widespread, are considered benign tumours but are perceived by those affected as aesthetically disturbing. The same applies to moles, which are also basically harmless and are often removed for cosmetic reasons.

    As skin changes also develop into skin cancer precursors and tumours whose removal is necessary for medical reasons, these should be checked regularly as part of birthmark control and skin cancer prevention.

    At Dermacare, skin alterations are removed for medical or cosmetic reasons by experienced dermatologists. Depending on the diagnosis, the appropriate method, ablation/opening / surgery, with or without local anaesthesia, with or without suture closure, is selected and performed in our surgery room on site.

    Removal of skin alterations at Dermacare Vienna

    Removal of: Fibromas, dermatofibromas, papillomas, warts, haemangioma, scars, birthmarks, basaliomas, squamous cell carcinomas, melanomas

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  • There are a number of skin diseases that are caused by bacterial infections. These often lead to purulent inflammations just below the surface of the skin, which vary in size depending on their severity and can occur anywhere on the body. Among the most common skin infections that should be treated by a specialist are impetigo (psoriasis), folliculitis (inflammation of the hair root), as well as all forms of abscesses (from not serious to severe) and boils (abscess as a result of folliculitis).

    The experienced dermatologists at Dermacare develop a therapy concept tailored to our patients needs for the diagnosis and treatment of bacterial skin diseases.

    Treatment of bacterial skin diseases

    Treatment of impetigo, folliculitis, boils, abscess

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