Say goodbye to your wrinkles.

The treatment of crow’s feet is one of the most common treatments at Dermacare. Crow’s feet (laugh lines or eye wrinkles) are the lateral wrinkles that form next to the eyelid crease when the eyes are squeezed together and when laughing. Such wrinkles are usually present in youth. If the crow’s-foot wrinkles do not only appear when laughing, but are also present at rest and become deeper with age, they are called crow’s feet.

Enjoy your younger appearance and let our doctors give you detailed advice about wrinkle treatment with Botox and hyaluronic acid to treat your crow’s feet.

Professional wrinkle treatments by experienced doctors

Professional treatment

For an aesthetically first-class result, the doctor’s experience in the application of Botox and hyaluronic acid is decisive. All physicians at Dermacare have appropriate additional training and a great deal of experience. Therefore we can look back on satisfied customers and great treatment results.

Only tested brand products

In order to achieve the best results with a long-lasting effect, we only use clinically tested botulinum toxin and hyaluronan filler from the most well-known manufacturers. These have been in use for many years and have proven themselves a million times over.

Individual consultation

In an informative conversation, the doctors will discuss your individual wishes and the expected treatment result. You will learn everything you need to know about the procedure and aftercare.

Crow's feet: effective treatment with Botox

Crow’s feet can be treated well with botulinum toxin (Botox). With Botox, the ring muscles surrounding the eyes are specifically relaxed, the eyes no longer pinch together so strongly and the crow’s feet wrinkles are smoothed out or the first signs of wrinkles can be removed.

Botox has been used for decades in aesthetic medicine to smooth wrinkles in the face. By injecting Botox at specific points, the responsible muscles of the human facial expression are relaxed in such a way that a significant tightening of the skin is achieved. Thus we are able to reduce wrinkles permanently and prevent their formation.

The treatment of crow’s feet only takes a few minutes and you are immediately ready to return to society.

Further application of Botox at:

  • Frown lines
  • Forehead wrinkles
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Bunny lines (small wrinkles when turning up your nose)
  • Excessive sweating of the hands, feet and armpits (hyperhidrosis)
  • Bruxism (involuntary teeth grinding)
  • Migraine

If the wrinkles are very pronounced, additional filling materials such as hyaluronic acid can be used. In a detailed consultation at the Dermacare Beauty Institute, our doctors will advise you on the possibilities for reducing your wrinkles.

Your Dermacare specialists for a Botox treatment in Vienna

At the Vienna Dermacare institute the Botox treatment is carried out by the following experienced doctors:

Your well-being is the top priority for the Dermacare team. The specialists at Dermacare provide you with comprehensive and competent care from the initial consultation until you leave the Dermacare institute. Of course we are also happy to answer any open questions you may have after the treatment

Do you still have questions about the treatment of crow's feet?

FAQ crow's feet contains answers to common questions about the treatment of crow's feet at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with our doctor, but they do provide some initial orientation.

FAQ about botox treatment

Costs of Botox treatment against wrinkles at Dermacare


You will receive a 5% discount for a refresher treatment within 6 months after the last treatment.

The prices depend on the amount of material used. Depending on the extent of wrinkles and the strength of facial muscles, the price may vary if an above-average amount of the required substance is needed for the desired treatment result. In such a case, the doctor will point this out to you during the consultation.

*During fine correction, up to 10% of the original amount is re-injected free of charge.

Expert discussion

The initial consultation for treatment against wrinkles takes place at Dermacare Vienna with an experienced doctor. If treatment is carried out, no charge is made for the consultation. If a treatment is not carried out immediately, a fee of € 60,- will be charged, which will be credited to your account for future treatment.

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Catherine Hering
Catherine Hering
Meine Mutter und ich waren zum Hautcheck bei Dermacare, bei Dr. Cermak, und können Frau Dr. Cermak und das ganze Dermacare-Institut nur weiterempfehlen. Ich bin schon jahrelang Kundin bzw. Patientin bei Dermacare und bin mit den Leistungen (PMU, ärztliche Leistungen, Akne- und Gesichtsbehandlungen) immer vollkommen zufrieden. Frau Dr. Cermak arbeitet sehr genau und gewissenhaft und ist außerdem sehr einfühlsam und nimmt sich Zeit für ihre Patienten, findet für die Probleme der Patienten die richtige Lösung. Vielen Dank für die tolle Behandlung!
Leider gab es ein Problem bei meinem Online Termin. Nach einem Anruf mit dem behandelten Arzt Dr Telisselis ist der Doktor extra von Zuhause in die Praxis gekommen um bei mir eine Botox Behandlung durchzuführen! Vielen Dank dafür sowas macht sonst niemand!!! Sie sind der beste Arzt und danke auch an die Assistentin (Frau Edita) mit der ich gesprochen habe die alles in die Wege geleitet hat. Ich komme zu 100000% wieder. Die Behandlung verlief komplett schmerzfrei mir wurde alles genau erklärt und das Ergebnis ist 1A. Dr Telisselis Sie sind der Beste!!! :) alles liebe Afouxenidou Margarita
marianne bock
marianne bock
grossartiges institut,sehr freundliches&kompetentes personal!dr.seiser ist die beste!dermacare im 1. bezirk ist sehr zu empfehlen!
Ingrid Huber
Ingrid Huber
Ein sehr freundliches und nettes Team,Ich habe mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt, der Arzt hat sich viel Zeit genommen und mir verschiedene Möglichkeiten zur Faltenkorrektur erklärt. Bin mit dem Ergebnis sehr zufrieden 😀
Daniel Kalant
Daniel Kalant
Ich war heute bei Dr. Telisselis und wurde überaus gut betreut. Ein offener ehrlicher Arzt der sich Zeit für meine Anliegen genommen hat. Das Institut ist state of the art und schaut fantastisch aus. Ich komme garantiert wieder.


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