Since an infection with COVID 19 (coronavirus) often occurs without symptoms, many people are uncertain whether they have been unknowingly infected. Especially after travelling abroad or after contact with people who have been in particularly endangered areas, the fear of infection increases for many people. In order to help these people quickly and easily, Dermacare in Vienna now offers corona tests. In addition to the antigen rapid test and the antibody test, we use the so-called gargle test and throat flush test. The results of this PCR test are evaluated by the Vienna laboratory Synlab.

Fast result

To ensure that patients know within the shortest possible time whether they are carrying the coronavirus, Dermacare offers particularly fast corona tests. To do this, patients register for the test online in advance and ideally pay online. This reduces waiting times when picking up the test kit at Dermacare to a minimum. The gargle test is then performed outdoors (with sufficient distance to other people) or at home. The samples are then returned to Dermacare. If the samples are at Dermacare by 12 noon, patients will receive the results within 24 hours. If the test result for the coronavirus is positive, the laboratory will also notify the health authorities.

Gargle test: fast & uncomplicated

The gargle test or throat flush test is a new alternative to the throat swab. In contrast, the gargle test requires only a minute of gargling with a special liquid. This is a liquid in which the virus can be detected for a particularly long time. The big advantage: The gargle test can be performed by all persons who can gurgle – thus also already by children who have learned to gargle. The samples are then evaluated in Synlab’s laboratory.

Important information about the tests at Dermacare

At Dermacare in Vienna only people without Covid-19 symptoms are tested. If you already have symptoms that indicate illness, please stay home and call the health hotline at 1450. If you are handing in a sample for someone else at Dermacare, you will need to bring the eCard and photo identification of the person being tested so that the sample can be allocated.

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