CORONA TESTS in 1010 Vienna

For travelers abroad: Please book an appointment for a throat swab online (scroll down). A gargle test is not suitable for crossing the border.

Dermacare offers corona tests in Vienna to be tested for COVID-19. In cooperation with Viennese laboratories we offer PCR tests, among other things. We use the PCR throat swab (PCR) and the gargle test for self application (PCR). Within a few hours you will receive reliable results about your current state of health, so that you can protect yourself and your environment.

Fast and cheaper alternatives are our new antigen rapid tests and our antibody tests. The tests can be performed on-site and the result is available in only 10 to 15 minutes. You will be informed immediately by e-mail.

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Precise testing without waiting times

Fast results within minutes or hours

For the PCR tests we work with renowned Vienna laboratories, which collect the samples several times a day. The analyses are done around the clock. Usually the results are available electronically within 24 hours. The antigen rapid test and the antibody test can be performed on-site and after about 15 minutes a result is available.

No waiting times

If you book an appointment, fill out the form online and pay in advance. You will briefly stay and enjoy the fastest possible processing. With our rapid tests, you will be informed very quickly by mail after the result is available.

Digital Certificate with QR-Code

All test procedures are officially recognised by the authorities. Findings are issued in German and English and signed by a doctor. For PCR tests, you will also receive a EU digital certificate with QR code.

When is a corona test useful?

A corona test in Vienna at Dermacare is useful if you have no symptoms but suspect that you are infected with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. A test can detect or exclude an active infection – even if you are still symptom-free.

The PCR throat swab test is especially important if you come to Austria from abroad or travel abroad and want to avoid quarantine, if you have to present a medical certificate (e.g. for border crossing, quarantine exemption, employer, etc.) or if you had contact with a sick person or persons from crisis areas.

When will you receive the test results?

PCR test:
  • For the PCR test, you will usually receive the test results within 6-24 hours*
  • The results are in German and English and are signed by a doctor. 
  • If you provide an Austrian social security number (SVNR), you will also receive a digital certificate for your green pass
  • If desired, the passport number can be integrated into the report free of charge (please specify when booking the appointment)
  • When the report is ready, you will receive an e-mail.
  • If you need a medical fit-to-fly certificate for a flight, this can be issued after a consultation with our medical specialist (additional costs € 60.-).
Antigen and antibody rapid test:

With our antigen rapid test and antibody test, the results are available in about 15 minutes. Afterwards you will receive a link to your results by mail.

Many and good further information about the current corona tests can also be found on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

We offer the following methods:

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Throat Swab

For the release from quarantine, for border crossing or presentation to the authorities, only a PCR throat swab is suitable. This only takes a few seconds and is not unpleasant.

Test times: Monday to Friday from 8 am- 6 pm, Saturday 8 am -12 pm

To avoid unnecessary waiting times you should book an appointment online!

More information and booking here…

Gargle Test

The gargle test is a new test procedure with high sensitivity and specificity for SARS-CoV-2 and is suitable for anyone who can gargle.

    • You can do the test yourself at home or outdoors (away from other people)
    • No appointment necessary – pick up the test kit and bring the sample to Dermacare after gargling.
    • Fast processingyou carry out the registration and save unnecessary waiting time.
Gargle test procedure:
  1. Order your gargle test in self-application online – this avoids unnecessary waiting times
  2. Pick up a test kit at Dermacare and follow the instructions (we do not do shipping)
  3. The issue and receipt of the test kits are
    • Monday to Friday from 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 8 am – 12 pm
    • Only on the ground floor of Dermacare – entrance Morzinplatz.
  4. Gargle at home or outside (away from other people).
  5. Then bring us the sample – no appointment necessary!

Antigen rapid test

  • The antigen rapid test is therefore fast and convinces with an accurate detection method. Therefore this test is a good alternative to the conventional PCR test. The antigen rapid test is particularly useful for the rapid detection of infection foci.
  • During the test, we take a throat swab and after 15 minutes we know with an accuracy of 98.98% whether you have an antigen of SARS-CoV-2 viruses.
  • The antigen rapid test is certified and registered in Austria in the EU registry for medical devices and therefore fulfils all legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Test times: Monday to Friday from 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 8 pm – 12 pm

To avoid unnecessary waiting times you should book an appointment online!

Information about the antigen rapid test and appointment booking here…

Antibody Test

  • An antibody test is used after an infection with COVID-19 to determine whether the body has produced antibodies. If this test is positive, it means that your body has already produced antibodies to protect you from the viruses. These antibodies can be detected about 12-14 days after infection.
  • The test is performed according to the recognized ELISA test system and is characterized by a very good reliability in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections.
  • Test times: Monday to Friday from 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 8 am – 12 pm

Information and booking here…

Important Information

Testing is only performed on individuals without Covid-19 symptoms.

If you experience symptoms such as fever, sore throat, coughing, shortness of breath, aching limbs or loss of taste and smell, please stay at home and call the hotline 1450 or your family doctor. Do NOT come to Dermacare yourself but have someone else collect the test kit and bring the sample to Dermacare.

If the corona-test is positive, the laboratory will notify the authorities and we will contact you.

The results of the antigen rapid test and the antibody test are for self-testing purposes only and are not intended for submission to regulatory authorities.

Costs of the Corona Test

Important notes

If you are bringing a test for someone else, please make sure you bring the eCard and a photo ID of the person for whom the test analysis is being done.

Dermacare only provides the service of sample collection (PCR test) for testing for COVID-19. The analysis, preparation and transmission of the results is carried out by Labor Mustafa. When the results are ready, the laboratory will send you access to your results by e-mail.

(*) There may be delays in medical examinations such as testing. DERMACARE excludes all liability and claims due to delayed findings. If you do not receive a report within 24 hours please write to and we will take care of it – even at the weekend!

What do other clients say about us...

Ana S.
Ana S.
10:58 24 Sep 22
Ich entferne mein Tattoo am Oberarm schon seit 1 und halb Jahren. Die ersten 10-12 Behandlungen war ich bei einer netten Hautärztin in Niederösterreich. Die Behandlungen mit einem Rubinlaser (wie ich kürzlich erfuhr) dauerten anfangs 15 Minuten und zum... Schluss dann 10-12 Minuten. Es war sehr schmerzhaft und danach blutete das Tattoo so stark, dass ich einige Tage ein Verband tragen musste. Die Schmerzen nach dem Lasern, waren überraschender weise, fast schlimmer als die Behandlung selbst! Einige Narben, hatten sich dadurch auch gebildet. Kein Wunder, bei den Krusten!Trotzdem dachte ich, ist halt so, wenn man sich ein Tattoo entfernen lässt ! Also Augen zu und durch!Da es einfach schon ewig dauerte, und auch kein Ende in Sicht war, entschloss ich meine nächste Sitzung bei DermaCare zu haben. Auch wenn ich wusste, das es um einiges teurer sein würde. Und ich muss ehrlich sagen, das ich schwer begeistert bin!Die Behandlung dauerte nicht mal 2 Minuten.Von den Schmerzen her, war es schon intensiv aber doch aushaltbar. Und viel lauter als der Rubinlaser. Aber das war auch aushaltbar! Ohne Betäubung das ganze noch dazu!Meine Hautfläche war danach gerötet. Aber keine Stelle meiner Haut hat geblutet!Ich bekam eine Creme und ein Verband und das wars. Völlig unkompliziert und das Team war noch dazu überaus professionell und freundlich!Nach der Sitzung, spürte ich schon das etwas auf meinem Oberarm gemacht worden ist. Nur von Schmerzen war das sehr weit entfernt. Eher so ein leichtes ziehen auf der Hautoberfläche und sah aus wie eine Brandwunde. Halb so wild ;) Nach keinen 2-3 Tagen ist alles gut abgeheilt und wird jetzt Wochen später schon deutlich heller! Bin gespannt auf die nächsten Monaten und den Prozess dieser Tattooentfernung bei more
Mitu D.
Mitu D.
09:37 12 Sep 22
It was my first time and I had good treatment. Thank youMateus yuspov
Molly B.
Molly B.
22:27 23 Aug 22
Very friendly and professional staff, the clinic is clean and well presented. Easy to book online and efficient service. Would highly recommend.
Kristel L.
Kristel L.
12:37 25 Jun 22
Great customer service at the reception and the appointments are always on time. Tattoo removal sessions with Mateus are informative, professional and friendly. I can highly recommend Dermacare for tattoo removal treatment.
Lorraine Ochoa U.
Lorraine Ochoa U.
16:26 23 Jun 22
I went to have a Covid test and everything was perfect (schedule, staff, instalations). I did priorly the apointment online which was very easy.
Brandon G.
Brandon G.
22:02 10 Jun 22
Excellent venue for getting your rapid COVID test to head back to the states. Results in less than an hour directly to your email. Overall appointment took less than 10 minutes from checking in to walking out. Friendly staff, clean location and easy to find.
Юлія Решетнікова УВ-91 Ф.
Юлія Решетнікова УВ-91 Ф.
10:34 03 Jun 22
Everything was super fast, the clinic was clean and beautiful, and the administrator was friendly. By the way, the location is good.We got a certificate written both in German and English languages, which was great to get for free. All in all, it was for... real the best Covid testing more
Joanne Y.
Joanne Y.
04:34 20 May 22
The staff speaks perfect English. He can also explained my questions in detail and professionally.
Elena catalina M.
Elena catalina M.
20:43 10 May 22
Dermacare is an excellent clinic! After few other Botox experiences I am really happy to have found this clinic! I have come here for the past 4 years and I never have been disappointed! Dr. Cseh makes miracles! I have no words to describe how appreciative I... am!read more
Daniya G.
Daniya G.
04:29 08 May 22
I was very impressed with a professional service in Dermacare. I was promised to get my result in 24 hrs but the result was ready and sent it to me in a few hours. The staff were very friendly and polite. I would recommend Dermacare clinic to other people... who needs to get Covid-19 test. Thank you for a good more
mike N.
mike N.
20:09 06 May 22
I took few trips to Vienna this and last year and for all departures I used Dermacare for my Covid 19 Tests. They are super organized, friendly and they always print out the result and email electronic copy. Their fee are much lower than the one at city... center. I recommend this facility to all.Thanks, mikeread more
antonia alena B.
antonia alena B.
19:52 28 Apr 22
I must say I have been to numerous “beauty” doctors and dr cseh by far has done not only the best job but he really cares about his clients, is fully engaged and displays high ethical and moral standards.Even if we move countries again I shall certainly make... sure to visit with this warm, humorous and excellent doctor as often as possible.Highly recommended. Gentle, perfect treatment for very reasonable more
Kendra C.
Kendra C.
12:59 15 Apr 22
We used Dermacare for our Covid tests to return to the US. They were excellent, prepared, kind, spoke English and we got our results emailed to us within about 30 minutes of taking the test. I highly recommend them for this service.
Diana K.
Diana K.
10:26 11 Apr 22
The doctors and personal are very friendly. I just started the procedures and I am happy with the results already.
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