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Let our medical staff test you and find out whether you have already developed antibodies against SARS-CoV 2. For travellers or for test exemption, we will take a serological blood sample which will be analysed in the laboratory within 24 hours.

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Precise testing without waiting times

Fast results within minutes or hours

For the PCR tests we work with renowned Vienna laboratories, which collect the samples several times a day. The analyses are done around the clock. Usually the results are available electronically within 24 hours. The antigen rapid test and the antibody test can be performed on-site and after about 15 minutes a result is available.

No waiting times

If you book an appointment, fill out the form online and pay in advance. You will briefly stay and enjoy the fastest possible processing. With our rapid tests, you will be informed very quickly by mail after the result is available.

Digital Certificate with QR-Code

All test procedures are officially recognised by the authorities. Findings are issued in German and English and signed by a doctor. For PCR tests, you will also receive a EU digital certificate with QR code.

What is an antibody test?

After you have had an infection with COVID-19, the antibody rapid test can be used to determine whether your body has already produced antibodies to protect against coronaviruses. After about 12-14 days after an infection, these antibodies can be detected. The Antibody Test is very reliable in the diagnosis of COVID-19 infections. test checks if there are already IgM-antibodies and IgG-antibodies against the virus in the blood.

Attention: If you are travelling abroad, recovered, need a test exemption or want to know how much antibody you have left, you will need a serological antibody test to be analysed in the laboratory. Please book below: “Antikörper-Test (Labortest) | 55€ [Anti-body-test (serologic test by laboratory)]”

What types of antibody tests are there?

Antibody rapid test

  • Blood sampling by medical staff using a finger prick (fingertip).
  • Procedure takes only a few seconds.
  • The blood is immediately tested for antibodies.
  • The result is available after about 10 minutes.
  • Costs: 25 euros

Serological antibody test

  • determines the amount of IgG antibodies including neutralising antibodies. This makes it possible to determine whether the body has already produced antibodies after infection with COVID-19 or how many antibodies are still present after vaccination with vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca).
  • Blood is taken from the vein
  • The analysis takes place in the laboratory.
  • The results are sent by e-mail within 12-24 hours (on weekends only on the next working day).
  • Costs: 55 euros


  • The detection of neutralising antibodies after an already passed SARS-CoV-2 infection exempts for 3 months from the test obligation.
  • The test is only conclusive 4 weeks after an infection or vaccination.

If you want to test yourself for antibodies with us, book a free appointment online.

How safe is the antibody test?

The test is considered very safe.

  • The antibody rapid test (15 minutes) has a sensitivity of 96.4% and an accuracy of 100%.
    The serological test in the laboratory has the following values: IgM (specificity 99.5%, sensitivity 96%), IgG (specificity 99.9%, sensitivity 100%).
  • For an additional charge, IgM can also be determined (short-term antibodies).

When can I get tested?

Test times are Monday-Friday from 9 am – 4:30 pm, Saturday from 8 am – 12 am (only by booking an appointment online!)

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Costs of the Corona Test

Important notes

If you are bringing a test for someone else, please make sure you bring the eCard and a photo ID of the person for whom the test analysis is being done.

Dermacare only provides the service of sample collection (PCR test) for testing for COVID-19. The analysis, preparation and transmission of the results is carried out by Labor Mustafa. When the results are ready, the laboratory will send you access to your results by e-mail.

(*) There may be delays in medical examinations such as testing. DERMACARE excludes all liability and claims due to delayed findings. If you do not receive a report within 24 hours please write to and we will take care of it – even at the weekend!

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Claudia R.
Claudia R.
Nach vielen überteuerten und dennoch erfolglosen Behandlungen mit Pigment Off, habe ich mich trotz Bedenken und Angst vor einem unschönen Farbumschlag für eine Laserbehandlung meines zu tief gestochenen Lippen-PMU‘s entschieden, welches bereits 10 Jahre alt ist. Der behandelnde Arzt hat eine große Expertise im Bereich in der Lasertechnik und ist sehr einfühlsam. Der Farbumschlag blieb leider nicht aus (das geht bei roten Pigmenten aber auch fast nicht anders), dennoch ist nach der 2. Behandlung schon sehr viel von der Pigmentierung verschwunden und ich bin guter Dinge, dass diese nach einigen Behandlungen restlos entfernt werden kann. Und ja, es tut etwas weh, aber vielleicht 30 Sekunden lang, länger dauert die Behandlung nämlich nicht. Preis-Leistung stimmt hier absolut, die Wartezeit beträgt höchstens 5 Minuten. Ich kann allen mit misslungenen PMU‘s nur raten, gleich hierher zu kommen und nicht unnötige, kostenintensive und schmerzhafte Behandlungen machen zu lassen, am Ende ist der Laser das wirkungsvollste Mittel zur Entfernung von Pigmenten aus der Haut und hier ist die richtige Adresse. 100% Weiterempfehlung!
Response from the owner: Vielen Dank für Ihr positives Feedback und das Vertrauen, das Sie uns entgegenbringen, Claudia. Es freut uns zu hören, dass Sie mit der Behandlung und dem Ergebnis zufrieden waren. Wir bemühen uns stets, den bestmöglichen Service zu bieten. Vielen Dank nochmals für Ihre Empfehlung und wir freuen uns auf Ihren nächsten Besuch.


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