Autologous plasma for the effective treatment of hair loss

The Dermacare institute in Austria carries out hair loss treatment with PRP just as quickly and efficiently. The patients benefit from friendly service, competent advice and a fair price-performance ratio. If those affected suffer from hair loss, the health complication is not only a cosmetic problem. Especially women find themselves less attractive due to bald spots on the scalp. This leads to reduced self-confidence and strong self-doubt. In order to treat hair loss in women and men, therapy with autologous blood is given high priority.

Professional treatment by dermatologists

Professional treatment

For an aesthetically first-class result, the experience of the doctor is crucial. The treating doctors at Dermacare have appropriate additional training and a great deal of experience. Therefore, we can look back on satisfied customers and great treatment results.

Only tested brand products

In order to achieve the best results with a long-lasting effect, only clinically tested products from the best-known manufacturers and the latest generation of lasers are used. These have been in use for many years and have proven themselves a million times over.

Individual consultation

In an informative consultation, the doctors at Dermacare address your individual wishes and discuss the expected treatment result. You will learn everything you need to know about the procedure and aftercare and receive a personalized treatment plan.

Autohaemotherapy against hair loss

Shiny, full head of hair symbolises health and vitality. For women, long, strong hair is a sign of femininity and a youthful appearance. For men, too, the splendour of hair is a sign of youthful vitality. Severe hair loss causes bald areas to form on the scalp. If the phenomenon worsens, those affected avoid contact with their fellow men. They are ashamed of the external blemish. Before the treatment with platelet-rich blood plasma begins, dermatologists at Dermacare clarify the possible causes of hair loss by means of a blood test.

What to do against hair loss?

Human hair normally goes through several growth cycles. In the process, up to 100 hairs fall out in one day. The hair roots form new hair, so that the loss usually has no visible consequences. For example, infections or the intake of medication lead to a permanent loss of hair. A lack of nutrients and the normal aging process also cause the loss of the main hair. Men tend to have receding hairline and a bald forehead. Female patients have thin hair which thins out more and more.

Excessive hair loss is mainly a cosmetic problem. In the worst case, it can also lead to psychological disorders of the affected persons. They withdraw from society and often develop depression. What to do against hair loss? An effective remedy for hair loss is treatment with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma). The abbreviation refers to the body’s own blood plasma, which contains numerous platelets. They have growth hormones that have a positive effect on cell production.

How does the autohaemotherapy against hair loss work?

In autohaemotherapy (PRP therapy or autohaemotherapy with plasma), the patient’s own blood is taken and blood plasma is extracted from it using a special procedure. In platelet-rich plasma (PRP), at least eight growth factors, thrombin or stem cells are highly concentrated and have a rejuvenating effect on the hair roots. They lead to a natural regeneration of the cells, which in turn stimulates hair growth. The body’s own growth hormones in the blood plasma play an essential role in this process.

Before the actual therapy, blood is taken from the patient and then medically prepared. During the process, the white blood components are separated from the red ones. The plasma is then injected into the scalp of the patient. The autohaemotherapy results in a strengthening of the hair roots. This prevents the permanent loss of scalp hair. It therefore prevents bald spots. In addition, the regrowing hair looks stronger and healthier. Due to the fullness of the hair, the patients appear rejuvenated and self-confident.

The treatment with the platelet-rich plasma ensures long-term success. Usually one session is not enough to stop the hair loss completely. The physicians recommend three autologous blood treatments at intervals of one month each. After that, a refresher treatment should be carried out one year later.

Your specialists for hair loss at Dermacare

At the Vienna Dermacare Institute, autohaemotherapy against hair loss is performed by specialized doctors with many years of experience. They will take care of you comprehensively and competently from the consultation until you leave the institute. Of course, the Dermacare team will also be happy to answer any open questions at any time after the treatment.

Do you still have questions about treatment with autologous plasma?

FAQ Eigenplasma Treatment includes answers to common questions about PRP treatment at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with your doctor, but they do provide initial orientation.

FAQ about autologous plasma treatment

Treatment procedure for PRP treatment with autologous plasma

1. Anamnesis Questionnaire

The treatment procedure of a PRP treatment or vampire lifting in Vienna at Dermacare, is explained in detail below. An anamnesis questionnaire will be filled out during the consultation or before each initial treatment. This enables possible risks to be identified and prevented.

2. Medical consultation

First of all, there will be a preliminary talk with the doctor in charge, which will clarify which treatment is suitable for you. Prepare yourself for the interview and talk openly about your wishes and expectations.

3. Digital image

Before the treatment a digital photo of your face or the area to be treated is taken to document your treatment progress in detail.

4. Blood sampling

Blood is taken from you, which is then centrifuged.

5. Centrifugation of the blood

The autologous blood is now centrifuged in a special machine until the red and white blood separate and the thrombocytes are left in the middle. These thrombocytes are the platelet-rich plasma (PRP), in which eight highly concentrated growth factors are enriched.

6. Injection of the plasma

After subsequent disinfection, the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is applied to the skin with a wafer-thin needle. No redness or bruises occur during this process.

7. Result

The treatment takes about 60 minutes in total. The skin rejuvenating effect is immediately visible. With each additional session, the skin's appearance improves visibly.

Costs of treatment with own plasma against hair loss


The prices depend on the quantity of the material used. In individual cases, the price may vary if a large quantity of the required substance is necessary for the desired treatment result. In such a case, the doctor will inform you during the consultation.

Expert discussion

The initial consultation against hair loss for women takes place at Dermacare Vienna with an experienced specialist. If treatment is given, no charge is made for the consultation. Should treatment not take place immediately, € 60,- will be charged as a fee, which will be credited to you in the event of future treatment.

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