Hyaluronic acid for a professional wrinkle treatment.

At the Dermacare institute, wrinkle injections are carried out with the most effective hyaluron of the most renowned manufacturers. Wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid is probably the most gentle method of effectively smoothing out wrinkles. For anti-wrinkle injections we only use clinically tested brand products. Let our medical specialists advise you in detail.

Professional wrinkle treatments by experienced doctors

Professional treatment

For an aesthetically first-class result, the doctor’s experience in the application of Botox and hyaluronic acid is decisive. All physicians at Dermacare have appropriate additional training and a great deal of experience. Therefore we can look back on satisfied customers and great treatment results.

Only tested brand products

In order to achieve the best results with a long-lasting effect, we only use clinically tested botulinum toxin and hyaluronan filler from the most well-known manufacturers. These have been in use for many years and have proven themselves a million times over.

Individual consultation

In an informative conversation, the doctors will discuss your individual wishes and the expected treatment result. You will learn everything you need to know about the procedure and aftercare.

Hyaluronsäure ist die wohl schonendste Methode, um Falten effektiv zu bekämpfen.

Juvéderm, Belotero and Restylane are high-quality hyaluronic acids and offer a gentle and effective alternative to surgical lifting. Millions of doctors and patients worldwide trust in natural-looking results that last for up to a year or more. As an endogenous substance, hyaluronic acid is an important component of connective tissue, but with increasing age the skin’s own hyaluronic acid content decreases.

Wrinkle treatment in Vienna with branded hyaluronic acid

During wrinkle injections at the Vienna Dermacare Institute, the focus is on not distorting the facial features, but on emphasizing natural beauty and making the skin look young and fresh again. Hyaluronic acid is used for:

  • Wrinkle smoothing
  • Modelling of facial contours
  • Structure of the lips
  • Creation of a long-lasting moisture depot in the skin.
  • Volume building in the face or on the back of the hand

Your Dermacare specialists for hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections in Vienna

At the Vienna Dermacare institute, hyaluronic acid wrinkle injections are performed by the following experienced doctors:

For the Dermacare team, the fact that the patients feel comfortable in their skin is a top priority. The specialists at Dermacare provide comprehensive and competent care at all times.

Why should you seek treatment at Dermacare?

  • The treatment is carried out by experienced qualified specialists.
  • A natural treatment result is the top priority.
  • Up to 3 weeks after the treatment a free fine correction (re-injection) in the same region is possible.
  • Highest quality at fair prices
  • We only use tested brand products that have been tried and tested over many years and millions of times
  • Good public connection (Schwedenplatz) or parking garage for the car in the house
  • Long opening hours

Do you still have questions about the filler treatment?

FAQ filler treatment provides answers to the most common questions about hyaluronic acid treatment at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with our physician, but they do provide a first orientation.

FAQ about the filler treatment

Treatment procedure of the treatment with hyaluron filler

Anamnesis Questionnaire

The treatment procedure of an anti-wrinkle injection in Vienna at Dermacare, is explained in detail below. An anamnesis questionnaire will be filled out during the consultation or before each initial treatment. This allows possible risks to be identified and prevented.

Medical consultation

First of all, there is a preliminary talk with the attending doctor. Prepare yourself for the interview and talk openly about your wishes and expectations. Your treating doctor at DERMACARE will discuss with you which type of hyaluronic acid is best suited for you before the wrinkle treatment.

Digital image

Before the treatment, a digital photo of your face is taken to document your treatment progress in detail.


After subsequent desinfection, the treatment begins. The hyaluron filler is injected into the skin in small quantities with a very thin needle. The gel gives the skin natural volume to smooth out existing lines, improve facial contours or form fuller lips.


The treatment takes between 15 and 20 minutes. The results of the wrinkle treatment are immediately visible.

After the treatment

Hyaluronic acid products are broken down over time by the body's natural metabolism. A refresher treatment is usually required after 9 - 12 months, depending on individual needs and the area treated.

What should you pay attention to?

After the treatment, there may be a slight swelling, formation of a hematoma, pain or pressure sensitivity at the injection site. These reactions are generally described as mild to moderate and usually disappear shortly after the injection. They usually disappear within a day or two.

Costs for wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid at Dermacare


Please note that the actual price depends on the required material. There are different hyaluronic acids for each application and face area. For an esthetically optimal result, the doctors at Dermacare use more than 20 different fillers from market leaders that have been used millions of times. Juvederm from Allergan; Belotero from Merz; Restylane/Radiesse/Kysse from Galderma; Redensity from Teosyal are such quality fillers that have a long shelf life. After a facial analysis, the doctor will recommend the filler that best fits your tissue.

Information meeting

The initial consultation for wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid takes place at Dermacare Vienna with a doctor. If treatment is carried out, no charge is made for the consultation. If a treatment does not take place immediately, € 60,- will be charged as a fee, which we will credit back to you in the event of a future treatment.

Anna Ignatovich
Anna Ignatovich
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit den Behandlungen bei Dermace, besonders mit denen bei Bettina. Sie ist sehr sanft, aufmerksam und sorgt dafür, dass man sich sehr wohl fühlt.
Iveta Platzer
Iveta Platzer
Nettes und sehr freundliches PersonalSehr gute ärztliche Behandlung und ein großes Sonderlob an Bettina
Simsalabim Sabina
Simsalabim Sabina
Top Service. Bin sehr zufrieden mit den Behandlungen von Bettina. Sie ist sehr freundlich und zuvorkommend.
Ich war zur Botoxbehandlung bei Dr. Telisselis und bin absolut zufrieden. Der Arzt ist sehr sympathisch, freundlich und kompetent. Er kam auch meinem spontanen Wunsch nach Lip Flip nach mit sehr zufrieden stellendem Ergebnis. Alles in allem kann ich Dermacare nur empfehlen! Vielen lieben Dank an das gesamte Team! Mit freundlichen Grüßen Maria Wolf
Bernhard S.
Bernhard S.
Ich bin seit vergangenem Jahr bei Daniela zur Haarentfernung in Behandlung und bin mit dem Resultat sehr zufrieden! Es braucht mehrere Behandlungen bis man erste Ergebnisse sieht, aber jetzt nach der Zeit kann ich sagen das es wunderbar funktioniert hat (erste Ergebnisse in etwa nach der 3. Behandlung, habe jetzt vor dem Sommer noch eine Behandlung - die 6. - gemacht, und denke das wird es vorerst auch mal gewesen sein - eventuell mal zur "Auffrischung" in einem Jahr falls etwas nach kommt).Zusätzlich noch ein großes Danke an Daniela, es ist immer eine Freude mit ihr zu sprechen und von ihr behandelt zu werden, eine sehr freundliche und kompetente Person! :)


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