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Teleangiectasias, popularly called “spider veins”, are one of the most hated blemishes, especially among women. However, they do not have to put up with the unattractive little veins. We remove the spider veins very simply and almost painlessly. Let the specialists at Dermacare give you detailed advice.

Professional treatment by dermatologists

Professional treatment

In order to achieve the best results with a long lasting effect, only clinically tested products of the most well-known manufacturers or lasers of the latest generation are used. These have been in use for many years and have proven themselves a million times over.

Only tested brand products

In an informative conversation, the doctors will discuss your individual wishes and the expected treatment result. You will learn everything you need to know about the procedure and aftercare and receive a personalized treatment plan.

Individual consultation

In an informative conversation Dr. Cseh will discuss your individual wishes and the expected result of the treatment. You will learn everything you need to know about the procedure and aftercare and receive a personalized treatment plan.

Remove spider veins permanently and painlessly

Spider veins removal in Vienna at Dermacare

These are small, dilated fine veins on the legs directly under the skin, sometimes fan-like dilated – often somewhat bluish, rarely light red. If the venous system is weak, which can manifest itself in the form of varicose veins, spider veins are increasingly found below the inner ankle of the ankle joint. In women, spider veins often appear flat in the middle of the thigh. The cause is suspected to be a congenital weakness of the connective tissue, which promotes the dilation of the tiny blood vessels.

Like many other beauty problems, spider veins occur mainly amongst women over 40 years of age. Prevention is not possible. Spider veins also do not disappear by themselves. The earlier they are treated, the better the results are usually. Before treatment it must be ensured that varicose veins are not present at the same time, which would otherwise have to be treated first.

Spider veins removal – treatment methods

Below you will find information on various treatment options for spider veins.

  • Laser spider veins

    We treat superficial, fine blue spider veins very well with a long pulsed 1064nm Neodymium:Yag laser. Red veins are treated with a special long-pulsed KTP laser. The light of this wavelength passes through the skin and is absorbed by the red blood pigment in the vessels, so that they stick together.
    The surface of the skin is protected with a cooled handpiece so that no burns can occur. This new technique makes it possible, for example, to treat palm-sized areas in a half-hour session. A pressure bandage is then applied for 24 hours only. After approx. 4-6 weeks, the spider veins treated in this way disappear or are significantly reduced.

  • Desertification of spider veins (sclerotherapy)

    In this process, aethoxysclerol is injected directly into the fine blood vessels, which become sticky and are broken down by the body. This technique is very well suited for larger spider veins.

When is the best time of year for the treatment

The treatments should only be carried out in the milder or cooler months, i.e. between September and May. The treatment is not carried out in the summer months.

Your Dermacare specialists for spider veins removal

In the Vienna Dermacare institute spider veins are softly and gently removed by our experienced doctors.

For the Dermacare team, the fact that the patients feel comfortable in their skin is a top priority. The specialists at Dermacare provide comprehensive and competent care from the initial consultation until the patient leaves the clinic. Of course, the Dermacare team is also happy to answer any open questions after the treatment.

You still have questions about spider vein removal?

FAQ spider vein removal contains answers to the most common questions about laser spider vein removal at Dermacare. These questions are not intended to replace a consultation with our physician, but they do give a first orientation.

FAQ about spider vein removal

Costs for the removal of spider veins at Dermacare


The price depends on the area to be treated, the treatment time and the method used (laser or sclerotherapy). During the initial examination, the doctor will determine exactly which procedure is most effective for your veins.


After the procedure it is necessary to wear a compression bandage or compression stocking. This should already be brought along for treatment. Our team will provide you with further information.

Expert discussion

The initial consultation regarding the removal of spider veins takes place at Dermacare Vienna with an experienced doctor or specialist. If treatment takes place, no consultation fees are charged. If treatment is not carried out immediately, € 60,- will be charged as a fee, which will be credited to a future treatment.


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