Noticeable successes can already be seen after the first treatment. Experience shows that three to five treatments are necessary before the desired treatment success is achieved. The treatments are carried out at intervals of four to six weeks.

After the laser treatment, the skin is tightened and refined, an even complexion provides a fresh overall impression.

Pigmentation disorders and spots, which occur with the natural aging process of the skin, can often be successfully removed after just one single treatment with the CO2 laser. Even smaller wrinkles and scars are visibly reduced after just one treatment. In order to smooth wrinkles permanently, several sessions are usually necessary. The surface of deeper scars can be smoothed with the CO2 laser so that they are less visible.

Depending on the skin condition, three to five treatments at intervals of four to six weeks are recommended for optimal results.

In a personal consultation we can give you a more precise assessment of the expected individual treatment success.

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