Dermacare has been offering for several days now the safe and effective antigen rapid test in addition to other Corona tests.

The advantages for our customers are obvious:

  • Fast and well-rehearsed process
  • Simple appointment allocation online
  • Result a few minutes later
  • Test result with an accuracy of 98.98%
  • Findings with photo of the test result by e-mail
  • Highest hygienic standards
  • Costs: only 60 €

Family doctors are standing before quick test chaos

Also family doctors may now carry out the antigen rapid test on a voluntary basis. But from many sides it rains already sharp criticism. Because many family doctors are not sufficiently prepared for antigen rapid tests and do not have any experience with the execution of Corona tests. In addition, many family doctors are faced with too many organizational problems: the phones run hot, appointments cannot be made or cannot be made quickly enough, and in many cases the rapid tests have not yet been delivered to the practices. Even the Austrian Medical Association (ÖAK) regularly criticizes the antigen rapid tests for family doctors. Furthermore, the president of the Austrian Medical Association, Thomas Szekeres, clarifies in a press release that the rapid tests cannot be carried out in most medical practices because the space available is not sufficient. For patients without symptoms the antigen rapid test is not possible at all with the family doctor. When it comes to antigen rapid tests, family doctors are simply overwhelmed and chaotic at the moment.

Antigen rapid test at Dermacare: fast, safe and smooth

All these problems do not exist at Dermacare. Here, both the organization and the testing is different. Our doctors and our medical staff already have a lot of experience with our PCR tests and can therefore guarantee a professional and smooth procedure. We already have the Corona rapid tests on site and we know exactly how to carry out a test safely and quickly. In addition, you will get an appointment in no time and there will be no unnecessary waiting time. The best thing is to book a free appointment online. Only a few minutes after the test result is published, you will receive an e-mail with your results and a photo of the test result. This way you will be sure as soon as possible whether you are infected with the coronavirus and can protect yourself and your environment quickly and in the best possible way.

In the following we answer the most important questions about the antigen rapid test:

When should you do an antigen rapid test?

The antigen rapid test is useful if you do not have classic corona symptoms but want to be sure that you are not infected with the coronavirus. Many of our patients take the test, for example, if they want to visit friends or acquaintances from risk groups. After only a few minutes one has certainty and can visit friends or acquaintances carefree in case of a negative test result. Companies also use the offer to have the participants tested shortly before an event.

How does the testing work?

Antigen rapid test involves taking a sample from the nasopharynx with a swab (cotton swab). This takes only a few seconds. The sample is then applied to a special test cassette and after 10 – 15 minutes the test result is visible.

What are the differences to the PCR test?

Like the PCR test, the antigen rapid test allows direct detection of SARS-CoV-2, but the PCR test tests for a corresponding genetic material and the antigen rapid test tests for a specific coronavirus protein. PCR tests require a laboratory and the result is only available after a few hours. Patients are usually informed of the result within 48 hours. Antigen rapid test, on the other hand, does not require a laboratory and the result is available after about 15 minutes. Antigen rapid tests cannot replace the classical PCR test, but they offer a good and fast alternative.

Can I also come to Dermacare with corona symptoms?

Our antigen rapid test is intended for persons and patients without classic corona symptoms. As soon as you experience symptoms such as fever, sore throat or shortness of breath, please contact the Health Hotline 1450 or your family doctor. You can also pick up a gargling test (PCR) at Dermacare and have it delivered. The sample will then be analysed in the laboratory and within 24 hours you will have certainty about your state of health.

How much does the antigen rapid test at Dermacare cost?

Antigen rapid test at Dermacare Vienna costs 60 €.

How reliable is the antigen rapid test?

Our rapid test has an accuracy of 98.98%, is certified and registered in Austria in the EU registry for medical devices. The antigen rapid test therefore fulfils all legal and regulatory requirements for distribution in Austria. Although the accuracy of the test differs only slightly from the PCR test, the PCR test remains the so-called “gold standard”. This means that if the rapid test shows a positive result, a PCR test must be performed afterwards.

Rapid tests at Dermacare Vienna: safe, fast and inexpensive

Apart from the prevailing organizational chaos among family doctors, they are also only supposed to carry out the tests at special off-peak times. This of course makes it even more difficult to arrange appointments.

We know: if you’re not sure if you have “Corona”, there’s one thing you definitely don’t need: chaos in scheduling and uncoordinated waiting times! Not only the test should be fast, but also the whole organization from the appointment to the test to the findings.

At Dermacare we have been trained and prepared for corona tests for months and the antigen rapid tests are already available in our institute. Many patients have already taken antigen rapid tests in the past few days and were extremely satisfied with the entire process. You can make an appointment with us in no time at all and a few minutes after the test you will receive your results by e-mail together with a photo of the test result. The antigen rapid test at Dermacare has an accuracy of 98.98%, a fast, safe and structured procedure and costs only 60 €.

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