As with any treatment, unexpected complications may occur in exceptional cases. Individual characteristics or previous illnesses have a great influence on the extent of any complications. If you are hypersensitive to the suture material, scarring and wound healing disorders may occur days or weeks later.

Here you will find a list of other possible complications that can occur after a thread lift:

  • More severe bleeding (very rare)
  • Temporary or permanent nerve injury secondary bleeding and bruising
  • Delayed wound healing (rare)
  • Wound infections (rare)
  • Formation of fistulas and abscesses (rare)
    sensations, sensory disturbances and pain on and behind the ears
  • Necrotic risk in smokers (skin areas die off)
  • Feelings of tension in the seam area
  • Scar growths (Keloids)
  • Thromboses, embolisms
  • Skin loss in the scar area or with detached skin
  • Changes in hairline structure
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