The correct pre- and post-treatment of the skin before the peeling is extremely important for the success of the treatment. If you are not prepared to undergo disciplined pre- and post-treatment, you should refrain from any kind of beauty treatment on the face, as no success can be expected. Please tell us if you smoke, have taken Roaccutane tablets in the past or suffer from internal diseases. The peeling must not be used in case of acute herpes infection or any other acute inflammation (danger of spreading).
Before the peeling you will receive a private prescription from
– a paraffin-based ointment
– an anti-inflammatory cream
– Moisturizer
– Sun Protection Cream
The skin is conditioned by daily application of Retin-A and/or hydroquinone cream for 4-6 weeks before the peeling. You should apply these creams evenly over the entire area that is to be exfoliated (do not dab on problem areas). You will also need to use a sunblock and a moisturising product as part of the preparation. Please do not apply make-up at all when you come to the practice for peeling. Please wash your skin thoroughly with soap and water.

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