• With the help of the lymph vessels, water is removed from the tissue and returned to the blood vessels. If the lymph system is disturbed in its function, the body water accumulates in the tissue and swelling (oedema) occurs.

    The therapeutic concept of lymph drainage aims to restore the disturbed balance between the amount of water in the tissue and the performance of the lymphatic system. At the same time, the immune system should be stimulated.

  • A lymphatic drainage works like an invigorating whole body treatment. The regular pressure waves stimulate your natural lymph flow. For example, lymph drainage for your foot after an operation gently promotes the healing process.

    Through various programmes such as anti-cellulite treatment, skin tightening and much more, your body can regain the silhouette you desire.

  • No. You perceive the lymph drainage as slight pressure waves that run from the tips of your soles or ankles over your lower legs, thighs and hips. These wave-like contractions increase the pressure in any lymphatic drainage treatment. Regardless of whether you choose lymphatic drainage for your legs or your arms.

  • Medical lymph drainage is recommended for

    • Venous insufficiency,
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome,
    • Raynaud’s syndrome (vascular disease with seizure-like vascular spasms)
    • and neuropathy
    • chronic oedemas
    • Gout
    • Arthrosis
    • Post-traumatic care (burns, resorption, scar care)

    In addition, a lymph drainage on the thigh or a mechanical lymph drainage of the legs relieves swelling and pain.

  • How often you should take advantage of this treatment will be discussed with you in detail during a consultation. This also depends on the type of treatment.

    The intervals are from experience between 1-2 times a week.

  • Yes. A gentle lymph drainage on the neck, a lymph node massage or a lower leg lymph drainage relieves pain. Like medical lymph drainage, mechanical lymph drainage for the legs or other parts of the body promotes the healing process after burns or resorption. Lymph drainage therapy is also an effective way of healing scars.

  • For heavy legs, as a detox treatment or to refine your skin texture, a lymph drainage treatment is ideal.

    Pamper your skin after liposuction. Regular lymph drainage of the thighs or lymph drainage of the arm helps your skin to remain firm.

    Prevent painful varicose veins and the associated complaints by arranging effective lymph drainage for the lower legs in our lymph drainage institute.

  • The pressure therapy reaches deeper skin layers, from which the stored pollutants are removed via the lymph system. The connective tissue is tightened and the swollen tissue is decongested by means of lymph drainage. Swelling is reduced by the removal of fats and pollutants.

  • With a prescription from your doctor, it is possible to submit this to your health insurance company with the invoice after prior payment to us. Reimbursement varies depending on the health insurance company, which we have no influence on. In addition, the costs of treatment are covered by many private insurances.

  • Immediately after the lymph drainage the following symptoms are possible:

    • temporary short-term increase in pain (this disappears within a short time).
    • Petechiae
    • hematoma formation
    • vegetative reactions like diarrhoea, urge to urinate or tiredness
  • The gentle pressure therapy promotes your well-being and at the same time provides relaxation. For this reason, a medical massage or lymphatic drainage is recommended as a complementary treatment for cancer, but only after clarification and approval by your treating physician. After node resection, radiotherapy or after the removal of body tissue or body parts, it is particularly important to regain harmony with the body. The treatments carried out by Dermacare’s practice-trained experts provide valuable support.

  • No, the manual lymph drainage is a gentle massage to improve the lymph flow. With rhythmic pressure impulses and gentle pumping action, the drainage of tissue fluid via the lymph and venous system is encouraged.

  • Depending on the degree of severity, even small successes can be seen after an initial lymph drainage on the knee or a lymph drainage on the leg. To treat lymphedema in the leg, one needs up to about 10 lymph drainage treatments.

Do you have any more questions? Arrange a consultation about manual lymph drainage.

The following questions are not intended to replace a consultation with our doctor, but they do provide an initial orientation. If you are interested in manual lymph drainage or have further questions, please use the contact form below.

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